Sunday, March 7, 2010

Homely One House Tour – Bedrooms and Study

Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes on Friday. I had a lovely relaxing day, received some really beautiful gifts and had a nice time celebrating at night.

To avoid boring you and drawing out my Homely One House Tour too much longer, I’ve decided to group together several rooms. Today I thought I’d share a few photos of our bedrooms.

Our house has four bedrooms – our room, Grace’s, a spare room and one which we’ve made into a study. New carpet and new white skirtings are on our future list of plans for these rooms (we thought we’d hold off until Grace gets a bit bigger). In our study, we are going to paint the windowsill and built-in wardrobe door white as we did in the other bedrooms to brighten it up a bit. Here’s some photos of these rooms - I’ll post some shots of Grace’s room later on in the week in a separate post to show you the changes I’ve made in the nursery lately and I won’t show you our spare room yet because at the moment, it looks as though a bomb has gone off in there (it’s become my dumping room lately).


  1. Oh Amanda, I'm sorry, I didn't take in much else except what a gorgeous little munchkin you have there! She is too cute!
    Seriously, you've done a great job and I think white skirtings are a great idea - it makes things feel much more contemporary and fresh.

    Kerri x

  2. I second Kerri - Grace is so cute :)

    Wow your study is so organised - mine is a bit like your spare bedroom, I suspect!

  3. How cute is little Miss Grace!! Loving the colours of your bedroom Amanda! Your canvas is so gorgeous and looks so lovely with your dark furniture. Lucky you to have a study and such a lovely one at that!! As for the spare room - aren't they supposed to be messy? Wish we had one:) Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful home and I am so happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday :) ~ Tina xx

  4. Your home is so bright and fresh and tidy! How do you manage it with a little baby on the loose?! I look forward to the next installment of your home tour


  5. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Gracey poooooo...she is just too adorable...I dont think I paid enough attention to any of your other images because her little smile made my heart go flip flop...sorry...will check it out again :/ lol x

  6. Hi AManda, how nice to have 4 rooms! You are sooo tidy - you would totally be disgusted if you saw my bedroom!! I am very impressed by what looks like total organisation! xx

  7. Your room is gorgeous Amanda, and I love that baby accessorizing your study floor!! Where can I get one of those cuties??
    The chair in the study looks fab with the cushions and pictures, great colours.
    Glad your birthday was fun too!

  8. I am so glad that you had a lovely birthday! Your bedrooms look so neat, I wish our study looked so good.... and aaawwww, Grace is sooooo cute! I keep showing hubby all these cute babies and hopefully soon............
    Nellie xx

  9. Thanks for all your comments. Most of these photos were taken when I had just finished house cleaning - I promise it's not always quite so tidy :)

  10. Amanda, your house is looking fabulous! Love your choice of colours in the bedroom - the splash of turquoise is gorgeous. Also, happy birthday for last week - I hope your year is full of wonderful things. Leigh

  11. Hello Amanda!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog, appreciate it.Your house is lovely & I look forward to following your blog.

  12. hi Amanda
    i just saw that you stopped by my blog thanks for the compliment it's a labor of love..anyhow thought this might be a helpful tip if you are in to slipcovers which I am check MY blog on that...but one of my followers turned me on to sureFit from Walmart of all places look on line..they are great looking for the price and they are WHITE my favorite color besides turquoise...her blog is called My house of Giggles hope to hear from you soon..suzanne have agreat day


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