Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homely One House Tour - The Living Room

Extending out from our kitchen and meals area is our living room. This is where we spend most of our time in our house (although with Grace crawling, our carpeted lounge is getting its fair share of use too). It has all been repainted (goodbye ‘Iced Peach’) and has also had the tiles replaced by floorboards.

We have the main pieces of furniture for this area but it is still looking very bare. The area around the TV is definitely lacking something, especially on the wall to the right of it where the laundry door is. Our rug also blends in too much with our sofas so will one day be replaced with something a bit lighter and perhaps with a bit of texture. At the moment, I’m keeping my eyes open for new cushions to give the sofas a bit of a freshen up – am still deciding on whether to go for neutral greys and whites or bright patterns for a burst of colour.

As for our unattractive gas heater, each winter we think it will be on its last legs, only to find it pulls through for another season. At the moment, it heats up the area beautifully, but eventually it will be replaced with something more ‘pleasing to the eye’ as I think there’s nothing like a fireplace as a focal point to create a cosy feeling in a living room.

What is the focal point of your living area?


  1. Your floors are really lovely :) I reckon some nice bight turquoise cushions would look good too. I know what you mean about a fireplace - I love ours. While it was super expensive I think it was worth it as a lovely focal point, but then we need a lot more warming up in little old Tassie than yo do in Perth!xx

  2. I have a large Indonesian screen which is kinda the first thing you see upon entering the living room. I love it... and it distracts from the TV which would be the next biggest focal point!
    I reckon with all the neutrals going on, you should go for something a bit more colourful for your cushions. Yellow? Would tie in with Grace's room!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    Your space always looks so neat and clean unlike my home.

  4. A fireplace is such a good idea, we have a wood fire in the family room but we have comtemplated installing a gas log fire in the lounge room as well. It is so nice to sit in front of the fire and relax.
    Nellie xx

  5. Sarah - I've been really drawn to turquoise lately so could be a possibility... We love our floorboards (they're Sydney Blue Gum)
    Nicole - I'd love to distract from the TV somehow - I'm thinking as you are that bright cushions might be good against all the neutrals
    Lou - thanks for the sweet comment x
    Nellie - I'd love one of those gas log fires one day - in winter, I sit on a big floor cushion in front of our heater

  6. I like the floor boards you've put though your house Amanda, it gives it a warm feeling. I think if you added some colour or even white it would break up the colour a bit. As for a fire place there, it would be perfect. My home is quite small so it's difficult to fit anything much in there except for what is necessary but if I had to pick a feature it would be the archway that we have dividing out lounge room and our dining room, it was a selling point for my hubby. xo

  7. Hi Catherine - yes, one thing we've noticed with out floorboards is how much warmer they make the area seem - our tiles were always a bit harsh and not cosy at all.

  8. Our fireplace with a flat screen TV hanging above it is the focal point of our room. I'd rather we hid all of the televisions in our house, but my husband thinks they should be front and center.

    Love your wood floors! We pulled up carpet and put down hardwood floors when we bought our house and it made a huge difference.

  9. Amanda - you living room is so lovely! It looks so large, how wonderful to have all of that gorgeous space and those floorboards are just so lovely!! I really love the colour of your couches and the colour of your fireplace wall!! As for your heater, I think it looks great! If it warms really well then that is the most important thing :) Your home is just gorgeous and I am really enjoying these tours, thank you so much for sharing Amanda ~ Tina xx

  10. Looks great Amanda. The floorboards are terrific!
    The focal point in our living area is the fireplace and mantle. I bought a gas log fire because I didn't want to have to worry about chopping wood etc when I got home late from work. It works a treat too. ...and I've often had comments that it looks real, and not like a gas log fire at all. Pretty happy with that.

  11. Lesley - you've read my mind!! A gas log fire is exactly what I'm picturing too - one of those ones that looks realistic :)


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