Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grocery Shopping Disaster

Photo by Graham Yelton

Last week, I was thinking about how I should try online grocery shopping and do a big bulk buy up pre-baby. I've been finding my usual grocery shopping task has become too hard as trying to lift Grace into the seat at the front of the trolley as well as pushing and unloading heavy bags with my belly has become very difficult. An incident this morning confirmed this.

It started out as a good outing. Grace was happy in the trolley and I scooted up and down the aisles as quickly as possible. Heading back to the car however, the sloped paving plus my heavy load suddenly made the trolley impossible to steer and it began veering towards the kerb. With visions of Grace toppling out, I tried with all my might to re-correct it, also wary of not straining my belly in the process, but it was no good. I crashed into a car on the verge, the trolley ended up on it's side against it and I hurt my shin in the process.

No one came to help me.

So I came home, unloaded my shopping and sat down with a cuppa to watch Grace playing happily and to try and calm my nerves. I'm still getting belly kicks so it looks like all is okay in that regard which is all that matters really. Fingers crossed it won't cost too much to fix the dent in the other man's car.

So after all that, I'm definitely going to look at my grocery shopping system a bit closer. I figure if I can do an online shop once a fortnight or so for packaged/canned stuff, then I'll be able to get away with a quick visit to the green grocer, bakery and butcher each week.

How do you do your shopping? Do you do a weekly or fortnightly shop and have you tried online grocery shopping?


  1. Oh dear, that wasn't a good outing! At least you are all ok.
    I shop once a week but always end up going back for things I have forgotten or treats - very naughty!
    I haven't shopped online for groceries. If I were you I'd do my groceries on the weekend with Paul to wrangle the trolley :)

  2. Oh you poor thing! Those shopping trolleys are hard to steer, even when not pregnant! Can't believe no one came to help you. Maybe give online shopping a try? Xx

  3. Oh i know how you feel, but on line was not an option during any of my pregnancies 8+ years ago so i had to grin & bare it, plus my husband was always away, i could not skip grocery shopping with up to 4 children to feed, pregnant, trying not to stress my belly or not. I do remember using the pram as my trolley, it was much easier & no trolley to return either!! I would carry bags on my arms & push the trolley like i was a donkey. I was extremely lucky my children didn't protest shopping either, or it would have been ugly. OMG, how on earth did i used to do this with 3 under 4 & a pregnant belly??
    I did time some trips when my eldest & most likely to disagree with me, was in preschool, that helped. Let's just say we only drank milk (anything else was too heavy) & i made my own bread (it was too disappointing when bread got to the car, squashed) & we used cloth nappies (no bulk in my pram).
    Ask me now - i skip up & down the aisles in no time with my children all in school, so there is hope. I do wonder why trolleys are so damn heavy, but i could shove an awful lot into my pram, love Posie

  4. When we lived in London I used to place an online order every week with Waitrose. It was fantastic! But back in Australia, I have found the choices to be rather limited, although I haven't checked for a while so perhaps this has changed.

    I do a once a week shop - and work out the weekly menus when I get back. It will depend on what was in season. But then I generally have to go and get bits and pieces throughout the week when I change my mind about the dinner menus!

  5. Ouch and bugger. Did Grace think it was joyride? Sometimes you just can't scare them. How was the car? Did you have to leave the guilty note? Been there, done that. Hopefully never again.

  6. Oh no sweet what a terrible grocery trip, I'm glad that you and Grace are ok, which is what matters the most. Those trolley's can really get away from you, it can be a bit scary. Hopefully the car repairs aren't too costly either. I shop once a week, with my list of ingredients after doing the menu so usually I don't have to go out much during the week at all. Maybe online shopping would be could or going out early one weekend morning when Grace could be looked after. Take care lovely. xx

  7. Oh no, you poor thing! I am horrified that no one came to your assistance, what kind of world are we living in. Thank goodness you are all ok! I often do an online shop and find that it is great for the bulk shop. I then do little top ups when needed or have Ross pick things up on his way home for me. Meal planning for the fortnight will help as well. Emma x (blogger is misbehaving!)

  8. I can barely manage a supermarket shop with my husband to help and no toddler to look after! I definitely think the online shopping is a good idea. It doesn't exist here in Italy, people enjoy going to the supermarket too much I think! I would happily have my shopping delivered to my door every week. Luckily I have a mother-in-law next door who does a lot of the shopping and cooking for us (she thinks we're not capable of feeding ourselves properly and I'm not complaining!)

    Please take it easy! x x

  9. Oh dear :( Hope you're feeling better now.

    I tend to do my grocery shopping on a day by day basis. As in, 'What do I/the kids/the Mr feel like eating for dinner today?' then I go off and get it an hour before preparing it. Or I send the teen. Other stuff (staples, breakfast stuffs)I buy a couple of times a week...
    When the preschooler was a baby I ordered online (but I find I need to SEE the food to know what I want. And the fresh and cold produce ordered online seemed questionable)but I did get home-delivery then, even if I went to the supermarket and that was a big help.

  10. What a yucky experience. Where were all the knights in shining armour? I am sorry you had to go through that. I would have cried all the way home. I hope the online shopping works for you.

  11. You poor thing, I can't believe no-one came to help you. Those trolleys have a mind of their own. With my three boys I try not to shop every day, I really do. I even bake too. Yes I must also give it a try.x

  12. oh you poor thing! Get onto the coles online shopping.....easy to do and trust me....with the 2 little ones so much easier!

  13. you poor thing, what a shocker, I think we have all had a nasty trolly experience. I can't tell you how many times I have nearly hit another car when they start to roll away while unpacking, and then there was the time when Charlie pulled Harvey and the whole trolly over, Rosa has also had a trolly tip on her. I think internet shopping is a great idea. Paul sometimes goes at night for me when the kids are in bed too. x

  14. oh you poor thing!!..cant believe no one came and helped you..those trolleys are my worst enemies,glad to hear all is good and baby is ok, i heard online shopping is great, haven't tried it but i'm also thinking about it:) good luck with all the planning my dear:) xx

  15. Oh no you poor thing. Can't believe nobody came to help you :( I think you should try to shop online, you might even be able to contact a local fruit and veg to see if they will deliver?

  16. What an awful experience! I cannot believe no-one offered to help you!! Try www.aussiefarmers.com.au They do regular twice weekly deliveries and also a fruit and veg delivery once a week. We never run out of the essentials now and the fruit and veg (in-season) box $26 for small or $36 for large keeps us going and is beautiful quality. Now I only need to pop to the shops for dry/canned goods but you could do this online too with Coles or Woolies.

    Good luck!

  17. Oh man. I so remember that feeling of needing to use your core strength... but not having any!

    I did my groceries online after my son was born. Its great to avoid the shopping center but i found the format for both coles and woolies to be confusing and arduous. I found that my local green grocer did home deliveries and we now get our milk and bread form Oz farmers direst (it is THE BEST).

    Best of luck with it lady. I can honestly say that having two kids is WAY easier than being pregnant and having one!

    xo em

  18. Oh, Amanda, how horrid. You poor darling. I'm so relieved you and the baby are okay. What we have done for years now is that one of us does the shopping at night while the other is at home with the sleeping pixies. Less stress all around. J x

  19. Oh Amanda that doesn't sound good at all, I hope you are feeling alright. I really can't believe no one came to help you that is so sad. Things like that can shock you a little, sounded like the tea might have been needed. Online ordering could be a good option for a little while for you, certainly easier for the longer lasting items. I haven't tried it but one of the ladies at my work has a 6th month old and works four days a week and I know she finds it a lifesaver. As for myself I am a terrible shopper, go to the supermarket/local grocer far too often because I can never plan ahead. If i do a big shop I end up spending no evenings at home and throwing things out which I hate. Still haven't found the balance.

    I hope you are doing well.

  20. Dear Amanda,
    What an awful experience for you - I hope all is ok by now. You certainly need to avoid such times at the moment.

    When Sophie was very young, I would do a solo trip to the supermarket when my mum visited or at night when Husband was home.

    Be assured it does improve, now it can be quite "educational" with a 4 year old and her miniature trolley at Coles - we talk about all of the ingredients, vitamins etc and she weighs apples, vegies, oranges etc, so grown up!! Luckily there are not many incidents of wanting tiny teddies and lollies to tell!

    Best wishes,

  21. Poor you :( Glad that Grace and the baby are okay, even if the shin and the car aren't! My first experience with online shopping at woolworths the other week went okay but I don't rate their fruit and vege picking very high. The apples and oranges were fine but the capsicums were a touch on the old side and the stringless beans I got came in a prepacked container that was marked use by the next day and they were all brown spotted and yuck. I am very fussy with my F&V though. I'm going to give aussie farmers direct a go next for the fruit and vege side of things.

    You should still give it a try, even just for everything else apart from the fruit and vege and just pop down to your local fruit and vege shop with a basket and Grace can walk!

  22. How afwul, and particularly nobody coming to your rescue. That's appalling behaviour. I haven't done the on-line thing yet, but thinking about it. If only to be able to get the job done minus a hundred requests for biscuits, marshmallows and what not. "No". "No". "No". Relentless!!!! xx

  23. oh Amanda you poor thing, wish I was there to come to your rescue....
    Coles Online SAVED me when I was pregnant, or had a newborn in the house, I think you should try it, or some other version. Take care,
    Jane xxx

  24. Hi Amanda. Been meaning to comment on this post to say I know how you feel - I had a trolley disaster when Jacob was a newborn (lucky I had him in the baby bjorn). I lost control of the trolley in the car park and it ended up upside down in the middle of the carpark where cars were trying to drive through. The cars were all backed up, my shopping spread over the road and me on my knees with a newborn. Thank god a nice lady stopped to help me and wheeled the trolley back to my car and unloaded it for me, I nearly cried! These days I do Woolworths online once a month to have all the toiletries, laundry supplies, nappies, and any heavy pantry stuff delivered. I still go to the local grocery store nearly every day to get fruit, veg, milk etc but you can just pull up right out the front which is handy. Not sure if you have used these shops before when you are in the area (cnr Redwood Crs & Marmion St Melville) but the fruit/veg is good and the butcher is also good - they have allocated parking right at the front of the shop. One thing's for sure - I can no longer take Jacob to shops like Woolworths as I spend all my time trying to stop him climbing out of the trolley and grabbing junk food from the checkouts - stressful! Good luck....

  25. That's horrible and I can't believe no one helped you!

    I do most of my shopping with coles online now, I love it.. so easy, i can do my order online when the girls are asleep so i can actually think about it.

    I normally do it fortnightly and then just in to the shops for quick fruit and veg, meat or bread and milk runs. I have ordered that stuff from coles online too though and it's generally been good.

    You can also do the click and collect with coles which is great.. order it the night before, pick it up at certain supermarkets the next day. And you just drive around to a loading dock and ring a door bell so you don't need to get the kids out of the car. Definitely worth a try.

  26. I've tried both Coles and Woolies online shopping and its brilliant: the interfaces are very easy to use, once you have done it once it will be easier the next times as you can go to a master list of all items bought and tick what you need. The delivery men are very polite and will put your shopping on your kitchen bench or table so no heavy lifting! Plus its so exciting to put the groceries away when you havent had to lug a trolley around the supermarket for an hour or so! Online groceries are so convenient. Prices are a little more expensive than in the store, but most catalogue specials apply and generic items are pretty much the same price.


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