Monday, October 8, 2012

A Tiny Bit Of Nursery Progress

Last Friday, whilst visiting a friend who had recently given birth to her third baby, she shared her disappointment with me that she had yet to finish decorating her baby girl’s nursery. The walls still had to be repainted, piles of baby clothes and gifts needed to be sorted through and a bookshelf was waiting to be styled. However, when I told her that poor Sophie (whose first birthday is approaching in less than two weeks) was still sleeping in her incomplete room, she said she felt much better.

I on the other hand did not. Despite being up to my armpits in party preparations at the moment, on Saturday, I decided enough was enough and promised myself to cross at least one thing off my ‘nursery decorating list’.

So, while Paul took the girls and Asha to the river for a splash, out came my sewing machine. Using a great tutorial I found online, I managed to whip up the bobble trim cushion cover I’ve been meaning to make for some time now.

Progress is finally happening (albeit slowly as with most things in my household) and I’m more eager than ever now to finish decorating this room. I’m ordering a mobile from Etsy seller The Butter Flying, have some prints to frame and just need to put the final coat on the floating shelves I’m making (with Mum’s partner’s help) before I can put them up and arrange some bits and bobs to display. I also sewed a basket liner on Saturday, but after finishing it, decided it was too dark a shade of aqua (I’m going for a more mint green) and so I now need to take a trip to Spotlight for some new fabric before I can attempt ‘take two’.

As for this week, among a few play-dates and catch-ups with friends, I’m dedicating it to making party decorations. I have bunting to finish sewing, goodie bags to put together, first year photos to print, tablecloths to wash and fondant flowers to finish creating. I’m aiming to make something each day and am hoping come the weekend, I’ll be done. That will leave me next week to focus solely on preparing all the food.

Wish me luck!


  1. What a cute cushion Amanda - I adore pompom trim! It sounds like you have been very busy. DOn't stress too much about finishing things off - just think (as I told Janette (my sweet prints) earlier) I still have the old sheet hanging up in my bedroom as a curtain and we have been here over 3 years!!

  2. Sweet cushion. I think I would call all the rooms in our house a work progress!
    Good luck with the decorations!

  3. The cushion cover looks delightful Amanda, perfect for Sophies room! Love that chair it is sitting on too. Good luck with the decoration making x

  4. You Will get there bit by bit. spending time with your young family now Will give you far greater memories than having a styled nursery. as much as it erkes you in the meantime! X

  5. Amanda you have done a beautiful job on that cushion I do love your colour choice, so soft and pretty. I don't think it matters too much about how long it takes for a nursery to be completed, it will always evolve as your little one grows, I'm sure it looks beautiful now. I hope your week goes well with Sophie's party plans. xxx

  6. The chair looks lovely with it's new bobbly cushion and that adorable little animal. I hope your friend gets more of her nursery done too.

  7. That cushion is so sweet! Don't worry too much about the nursery, I always think that they tend to grow and change just like their little occupant does too!

  8. Gorgeous cushion! Just discovered your blog - great inspiration to me to tidy up/ sort out stuff!

  9. Oh good luck! I'm in the throws of party prep too. So much fun....I've had a bobble trim cushion on my to do list too! Looks lovely Amanda x


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