Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Wednesday

After all the party preparations of last week, this one has been nice and calm and slow-paced so far, free of deadlines and 'to-dos' and full of play, pottering and left over birthday cake.

One nice surprise this morning was a package that arrived on our doorstep.  Wanting to add a bit of a vintage vibe to Sophie's nursery among all the newer items, I'd been searching on Etsy for a cute ornament of some sort.  After spotting the trio of white swans above at The Vagrant Duck, I ordered them as part of her birthday present.  I chose well as Sophie kicked her chubby little legs in excitement and made her own version of a quacking noise when she saw them sitting on our kitchen bench.  I can't wait to get her shelves up now so I can display them.

The rest of our day has been spent catching up on washing while it's been good drying weather, spring-cleaning Sophie's wardrobe and tending to our vegetable patch.  I've also been sorting through the photos I took on Sunday so I can share some of them with you soon.  Be sure to pop back at the end of the week for a post about Sophie's first birthday party...


  1. I love your swans! Her bedroom will be so beautiful when you finish it. We have had strong winds here and a fair bit of sun too, my washing was dry in a jiffy yesterday.

  2. Great choice, the swans trio will look very sweet in there with the colours you've got happening! Looking forward to reading about Sophie's party - happy birthday!

  3. Those swans are just so adorable! Love the choice.

  4. I keep popping in to see if there are photos of Sophie's party; I want to see those daisies in action :) Gorgeous little swans. xx

  5. Oh those swans are gorgeous. Shame the weather has taken a turn for the worse.


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