Sunday, June 9, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

Grace: Working on the Peppa Pig sticker book she bought with her birthday money, dressed in her new winter pyjamas with a fairy costume over the top.

Sophie:  We have pig tails!!  As much as I mourn the end of her baby days, I love seeing the little girl that she is becoming.

Joining in with Jodi

Last week, I adored Greer's gorgeous girls with their stunning eyelashes... and these two little ones picking strawberries


  1. oh we love you so. :D

    such cute pigtails! you are lucky that sophie lets you put her hair up; olive won't let me, even though her hair is totally long enough to have cracking pigtails. :(

    hmmm, mourning the end of baby days = time for another?! (just joking -- just remember you can always come over to my house for some newborn cuddles in the near future!)

  2. Look at those pig tails! precious. It's amazing playing catchup (as I am this weekend) on my favourite blogs I haven't visited for quite a while. I love that Grace put the fairy dress over the pjs! Jane x

  3. Great choice with her birthday money
    Love those piggies (and that grin!)

  4. The girls are growing up so fast! Love those pig tails xx

  5. such sweet girls amanda ... i adore pigtails x

  6. Oh my look those sweet little pig tails Sophie has:) It is hard to see them grow from baby to little girl but so exciting all at the same time. I love those sticker books we used to love them here too:) Hope you've had a lovely weekend. xx

  7. Pig tails! They are so, so cute. x


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