Sunday, June 2, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

Sophie: Grinning cheekily after stealing the bottle of bubble mixture Grace had left momentarily on the table... yet another 'borrowed' beaded bracelet on her wrist.

Grace: The moment I opened Grace's car door and was greeted by this sight in the shopping centre carpark, I knew this would be my photo of her for the week. I proceeded to tell her that she looked daggy and couldn't wear her socks in such a fashion. She protested that she was cold and that her socks kept her warm tucked over her jeans. Tugging her into bed tonight, she had used the same technique with her flannelette pyjamas.

Joining in with Jodi

Last week's photo of sweet little Everley was a favourite of mine as was the cute shot of Penny sitting on her swing


  1. I absolutely love the bubbles! There is pure happiness in that little ones eyes :)

  2. Love the socks!!

    In our house, Aila and I have been having many talks about socks and sandals. Fortunately in downtown Denmark, pretty much anything goes!

    rachel xo

  3. I have to agree with Grace on this one its too cold to wear shoes without socks now! We have had some freezing cold days lately and still only in Autumn! Brrrrrrr.

    1. It wasn't the socks/shoes combo that bothered me but the way she had pulled them up over the jeans :) Mind you, last night in bed, I found myself doing the same thing with my bed socks :)

  4. I like Grace's style - in fact I have been known to do that with my Explorer socks and pj's in the colder months!

  5. I love those socks over the jeans, it has been very chilly lately. I actually wish my girls would do that I think they forget it's winter with some of the clothes they've been wearing lately;) Bubbles are just the best fun:) xx


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