Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Leisure Time This Week...

Our week so far has been a nice easy, relaxed one which has seen Grace return to kindergarten for her final term and us ease back into our normal pace and weekly rhythm.  There's been a picnic lunch at our favourite riverside location, lots of cooking and crafting and some snippets of leisure time amongst the usual day-to-day happenings of keeping house.  Here's a few things that I've been enjoying in those moments of free time...

Reading... over the past few weeks, as I've sat down with my cuppa at night, relaxing on the couch, I've been working my way through Kelly Doust's most recent book 'The Crafty Minx At Home'. Filled with photos of beautifully styled homely nooks and creative projects, it has drawn me in with its abundance of inspiration as well as seen me nodding along in support of many of Kelly's thoughts. I was especially fond of the following line...

"I like to think of this gradual life's work process of home editing as domestic curating".

Gardening... yesterday, while Sophie napped, Grace and I pulled out most of our vegetable patch in preparation for a new batch of seedlings to be planted on the weekend.  This corner of our backyard has really come along in the past year.  My herb patch has flourished, the tiny passion-fruit vine we put into the ground last October has well and truly taken off and the lettuces which self-seeded themselves have provided us with all we've needed over the past few months.  Grace and I also cleared another section of garden underneath our lily-pily tree to be a 'cut flower garden' where we've sprinkled some zinnia seeds and hope to add some more colourful beauties.

Researching... if I can get myself organised and actually decide on a date and make some invitations, I'm hoping to host another Pink Ribbon Day fundraiser this year.  However, with Sophie's 2nd birthday close to the official date for doing so, my event will be held in November instead.  I'm thinking of something smaller scale, high tea style and in my 'online time', have been searching for food and decorating inspiration.

What have you been doing in your leisure time over the past week?

Last photo taken by my friend Lyndell at my last Pink Ribbon Day fundraiser


  1. What a beautiful looking book and your garden looks so healthy and lush. I do love it when vegetables self seed. I've been gradually tidying my vegetable patch but haven't planted any seedlings just yet as it's just been too hot. Yesterday though I planted some flower seedlings that have been waiting too long to be planted and I have also been crafting a little bit lately, making lots of gift cards. I hope your weekend is a wonderful one lovely. xx

  2. Hi Amanda, I too have been enjoying the rhythm of Bec being back at kindy and having some quiet time with Francis now the flu has finally gone. I've finally finished painting my bookcase and now I just have to wax it over the weekend....I've also been doing some research for some upcoming posts on the blog but most of all I'm looking forward to a weekend away with hubby in the next couple of weeks. A high tea sounds like a lovely idea for your pink ribbon event...xo

  3. I am a tad (huge tad) bit jealous of your slow paced life. I seem to be running around like a headless chook these days. I even told a friend the other day that I can't wait to be a grandma (*shameful).
    Term 4, homestretch.
    Hope you are well xx


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