Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Rhythm Of Our Days: Sunday Breakfast Treat

A sleep-in is hoped for on Sundays, yet never eventuates.  Two little girls wake and with giggles, pitter patter down to our room, one usually dressed as a fairy, the other with a doll or stuffed toy tucked firmly under her arm.  We linger in bed for longer than usual - there are snuggles, tickles and endless chatter.

Occasionally as a treat, we drive to our favourite little cafe for breakfast.  Our order rarely changes... three serves of poached eggs (one with bacon on the side), juice or hot chocolate for the girls, an iced coffee for Paul and English Breakfast tea for me.  Grace and Sophie keep themselves busy colouring in, drawing or playing a simple game like memory while we wait for our order (or the occasional Peppa Pig episode on Paul's phone if our little one is in an impatient mood).  We are never disappointed with our meals, leaving with full bellies after a delicious feed.

A breakfast outing is never complete without a play in the park afterwards.  Sophie is fearless now, following her big sister on all the equipment, launching herself down the tallest slide without the slightest hesitation.  A favourite is always the sand wheel which sees a joint effort to fill the bucket and set it spinning round and round to the delight of both girls.

We take a few detours as we make our way home.  Sometimes we follow the river and admire the boats and the people out on the water.  Other times we head around to the south mole, looking out at ships on the horizon or stormy seas splashing against the rocks.  Occasionally there is a stop at Bunnings if there are jobs to be done around the house or at an antique shop for me to have a quick browse if the girls are happy and able to be kept occupied for a tad longer.

Breakfast out as a family of four is never effortless or entirely relaxing with lots to bring 'just in case', little ones to keep occupied and two-year old tantrums to try and avert.  However, whenever we do make the effort to go out, we always arrive back home with our day starting on a lovely note - with us enjoying quality family time together with good food and simple pleasures...


  1. Your Sundays sound lovely. Those eggs look perfectly poached :)

    1. They are always delicious! I wish I could poach eggs that nicely at home :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely family outing, love the intense look on Sophie's face.

  3. Don't you love a hearty Sunday breakfast! I love them especially when someone else makes it for me and pours me an enormous cup of delicious coffee :) That's such a great picture of you girl playing in the park... I love all that colour!

    Sophie xo

  4. Beautiful. x
    My Sundays are up at 7:00am, Quick coffee, Mass 8:30am, Breaky 10am, Then either gardening, family outing or fam lunch until sundown!
    and then a mad rush after dinner to get all the school gear ready! (my favourite. not)

  5. Haha.. we were there Sunday afternoon!! x

  6. Sounds like a pretty perfect Sunday to me ... but I"ll order the eggs benedict ;)

  7. I love a Sunday brunch too! What a lovely thing to do as a family, making it a tradition like that means it'll (surely) become easier and easier as the girls get used to that Sunday routine.

  8. I love your Sunday ritual. Gorgeous. We used to go out for breakfast a lot more a few years ago, but now it's more a homemade pancake kind of affair, which is also lovely. Our weekends are not quite complete without a trip to Bunnings though :-) x

  9. This looks so fun, I think its really American to go out for breakfast, I didn't realise other countries did it too! I don't think I have ever gone out for breakfast before, it always looks amazing though! Such a lovely tradition :)

  10. sounds pefect! I haven't been out for breakfast for such a long time. You've inspired me to make it happen!

  11. Sounds like the most perfect Sunday ritual - gorgeous pics too :) love Grace's hair in a braid.

  12. I love how you have created these rituals simple but full of meaning. I adore having family time, just being in each others company. x


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