Monday, November 4, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

Sophie: With hot weather this week, the good old slippery dip was hauled out again for some water fun. Minus a nappy, I managed to squeeze Sophie into the same swimsuit from the beginning of the year. She had a ball playing with her big sister and could be heard calling out 'my turn, my turn' repeatedly.

Grace: Mothering the little sheep she won on the fishing game back at the Royal Show.  Tucked carefully under her wing, she talks and tends to him.

Joining in with Jodi

These beautiful captures of Eulalie and Marguerite and Milina's three lovely photos all stood out to me this week...


  1. Nawww!!! What a smile! And good job on getting the swimsuit to do another season!

  2. Oh that grin!! And such beautiful gentle hands. Your girls are so lovely! Hope your week is a wondeful one xxx

  3. Oh my Sophie's face is just full of joy and such character and Grace so so gentle. Beautiful captures of your little ones. xx


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