Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Every Little Bit Counts - My Breast Cancer Fundraiser

My fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation has come and gone for 2013... a small, intimate, high-tea style gathering with my closest friends.  It was an afternoon of pretty antique crockery, bite sized savouries and sweet treats and lovely company and I did all that I could to pay attention to small details for my guests.

Blogging has taken a back seat over the past few weeks as the lead-up to last Saturday was spent crafting, preparing food and tidying the house (with two little helpers in tow).  With a timeline of 'to-dos' for each day, everything was slowly checked off in an unusually stress-free manner.  When I finally put my feet up on Saturday night though, I couldn't help but reflect on how quickly the afternoon had whizzed by in comparison to the days spent getting things ready.

Every year, I have the same debate as to whether or not to host another fundraiser, knowing how much energy and effort is required.  However, reading through the Pink Ribbon Day campaign material and the heartbreaking stories of those affected by this disease, my decision is an easy one to make...

I do this for myself and for my two precious girls.. for my Mum and sister and friends and all the females in their lives... so that one day, the National Breast Cancer Foundation's goal of zero deaths becomes a reality...

I do this because every little bit counts...

All photos by me (with the exception of the place setting shot taken by my friend Maya)


  1. Absolutely perfect Amanda! I love all your little details - so girly, so pretty, so thoughtful!
    That runner on the table is gorgeous and I love your little 'goodie gift bags'.
    And yes, you are so right....every little bit counts.
    Well done you!

  2. What a beautiful soul you are! All those lovely little details were sure to be appreciated. ANd you're right...every bit counts. Hope the rest of your week is relaxing and recharging :) xx

  3. I have not been to your space in a while and I was surprised to see how big your second one has become! She's adorable!! She looks a lot like you to me. Beautiful girls and very belated congratulations! I love having 2 girls. And my monkey boy, too. (I have 3 kids now. Crazy!) Your gathering is absolutely gorgeous!! I love that table runner!! I agree. Every little bit counts.

  4. Absolutely stunning! I have been planning to do one every year as my mum, sister and grandmother have all had breast cancer. I'll have to get some tips of you next year! x

  5. Looks lovely Amanda, love your makings, very pretty.

  6. It looks amazing you did such a great job and Im sure all your guests appreciated all the fine details and effort you put into it. What a kind spirit you are xx


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