Friday, January 17, 2014

Savouring Our Summer Holidays

It’s taken me a little while to fall into the groove of summer holidays. When kindergarten finished up, there was Christmas to think about.  Between Christmas and New Year’s, Paul was home and it was ‘family holiday time’.  However now, with not long to go until school begins, my mind has been going over and over how to make the most of these final weeks… what to plan to make it memorable for Grace and what I can do to soak up this precious ‘end of an era’ myself.

A few nights ago in bed, sleep didn’t come as quickly as usual and I found myself mulling over my concerns.  The more I thought about it, the more I realised that  perhaps the best way I could spend these final three weeks of Grace being at home full time was to just keep on doing what we’re doing.  Perhaps lazy mornings with the girls lingering in PJs that little bit longer, swims in the neighbour’s pool on hot days, reading books or crafting after lunch and little outings here and there for milkshakes or picnics or playdates with friends were in fact the perfect way to be spending our holiday after all.  Perhaps this simple rhythm, dotted with the treat of a sleep over at Grandma’s or Nan’s and a few days spent at Paul’s Uncle’s beach house were exactly what we needed.  

Come February, Grace and I won’t have the luxury of our one on one time whilst Sophie is napping, outings will be restricted to the weekends and dress-up costumes will remain in their basket until the end of the day. I'm trying to savour these precious moments of ordinary days while I can.  

Holidays don’t necessarily have to be monumental or extraordinary to be memorable.  I've now accepted that simple days enjoying the comforts of home, sprinkled with outings to our favourite spots are the best way for Grace and I to enjoy our time together this January.


  1. It is a big year for you both with Grace starting school. I agree that holidays can be special as long as you are together doing even the simplest of things. A bit of busy time and a bit of quiet time sounds like a great balance to have. Enjoy the rest of the holidays with your gorgeous girls

  2. I agree. I'm sure she is thinking these are some of her best days ever!! Xx

  3. Lovely Amanda and I completely agree - the boys start full time school this year too so we are just taking it easy for the remainder of the holidays and enjoying time together here at home, the start of school is quite and exhausting time for Kids, and parents! :-) Have a lovely weekend...Mel x

  4. I can feel your anticipation of Grace going off to school Amanda. You are never alone with those thoughts at that stage. I think the simple rhythm is so special in a childs life. You have prepared her perfectly for the next stage. Jx

  5. This is exactly the kind of summer holidays we've been enjoying and I'm actually finding it really relaxing and lovely!


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