Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Portraits: January

"Portraits of my children in 2014"

Grace: Despite the scruffy hair and Milo covered face, I just love this photo of my sweet-natured, gentle girl.

Sophie:  Those curls are growing wilder by the day, a good match for her little fiery streak.

Joining in with Jodi


  1. Truly lovely Amanda. Such gorgeous and cheeky girls.

  2. precious Amanda. hope it's been a lovely weekend for you. Jane x

  3. Grace looks so much like you in this photo Amanda, it's just beautiful. And Sophie so so cute with all those curly locks. xxx

  4. I think a monthly commitment is probs the way to go, Amanda. Your girls look lovely - so alike and yet you can see their different personalities shining through. x

  5. Dear Amanda,
    Such gorgeous girls and their curls!!

    Best wishes for you and Grace tomorrow - 1st day of Pre Primary is a milestone - savour the joy of her being a big girl - I have Sophie commencing Year 2 tomorrow, these years have certainly flown however it is so wonderful to witness their growth and development in the school community.

    Christine x

  6. They look so much like you Amanda and SO much like sisters... my sisters and I didn't so much when we were small! Gorgeous photos.

  7. Two little cherubs! I'd give anything to have curls :)

  8. oh my, your girls are AMAZING! those curls! x

  9. Amanda those little girls of your are absolute cherubs xx


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