Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Regaining Clarity

I've felt a bit muddled and uninspired during much of February... a mixture of adjusting to a new school-focused routine, accepting my role as a 'school Mum', dealing with four-year old tears and two-year old tantrums and trying to get on top of things house-wise.  The combination of all of these happenings has seen me turn inwards more than usual and retreat from this space for a bit, something I tend to do when I'm overwhelmed and lacking energy.

Slowly as the weeks have passed, I feel as though I'm emerging from the fog.  I've dealt with things one by one, done a lot of reflecting on my priorities and goals and have more clarity for what I want and need over the coming months as well as a desire to 'make things happen'.

I'm looking forward to writing here again, sharing my thoughts and musings and recording the precious day to day happenings that occur in our family...

A post I came across yesterday on 'igniting inspiration' really spoke to me... I urge you to have a read yourself...


  1. Sometimes we just need a little housekeeping month. Keeps life on track... x

  2. Hope it all comes together for you and that Grace is enjoying her new school. Got my fingers crossed for you that the tears are just a settling in to the new school thing and not anything. Xx

  3. Amanda, I can SO relate {again}. I fell into a 'rut' when Ella started fulltime school as it really threw the rhythm of our days/week as well as the emotions attached.
    I've been in a HUGE life-rut this past month or so. I've only done 3 blog posts in 2 months - not good - but needed! I think I had my first real-life-breakdown back about 4 weeks ago and writing ended up being the last thing I had time or energy for. Things for me, like you, are settling and sorting and calming once again - phew! So nice to know I'm not alone in this world of mothering and writing and struggles. Much love to you xx

  4. We all have these moments Amanda, in fact my 'moment' sometimes lasts months. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed at the mo too x

  5. My goodness, there is a beautiful understanding, sympathetic, bond between new "school mums" I feel like I'm just starting to get my footing and our school year is nearly over. You are ahead of the curve, you knew when to stop and re evaluate your priorities. You are going to be a brilliant school mum!

    May i say thank you for your kind words you left on my blog, they truly brightened my day and made me smile!

    all the best

  6. i have been swamped with the same start to 2014. battling through everything moment by moment, bit by bit. the beauty of blogging is your space will always be here. i keep seeing people talk about the changes in this world. i like them. taking space when you need it. changing direction when you choose. all of these things are human. this community [the good souls] understand exactly how life tackles you at times! see you soon;)
    xx ashley

  7. It's lovely that you are back. I know exactly what you mean though. I feel like this right now - overwhelmed, uninspired and lacking motivation on the blogging front. Perhaps it's time for me to have a little blogging break too. I just read the post you linked to as well and if anything feel even more inspired to have a break.....Mel x

  8. Oh my sweet friend. I totally get where you're coming from. I haven't blogged since about October. Life has been asserting itself. Now I'm not sure how to get back on the bike! Much love to you J x


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