Sunday, June 8, 2014

Grace's 5th Birthday Party

I can still remember the excitement I had as a little girl surrounding my birthday parties each year. Choosing a cake for my Nanna to make from the Women's Weekly cookbook.  Coming up with party games with my Mum.  Helping to put together goodie bags.  It is perhaps due to all these fond memories that I get so much enjoyment now out of planning birthday celebrations for my own girls.

During my blogging free month in May, Grace turned five and we celebrated with a Saturday afternoon birthday party, her first party with school friends which turned out to be a lovely gathering with good old-fashioned party food, games and fortunately, plenty of beautiful sunshine.

As the guests arrived and gifts were unwrapped, the girls began working on a butterfly craft activity which they loved... sequins, sparkles, glitter glue and textas were all used to embellish butterfly cut-outs which they later took home. Party games involved a butterfly treasure hunt, musical statues, an egg and spoon style race (with bean bags on heads) and the traditional pass the parcel. In between, there was plenty of time for playing chasey around our backyard and for fun on Grace and Sophie's new swing set.  

I love that birthdays are another opportunity to create memories and form our own little traditions as a family. Hopefully one day, Grace and Sophie will look back on their parties with the same fondness that I have when I think back to my own childhood birthday celebrations...

Over the past few weeks, Grace has been making thank you notes for friends and family, something I feel is sadly a bit uncommon these days.
To me, it is a great opportunity to demonstrate gratitude to little ones, plus it provides a meaningful creative activity for art-loving Grace.


  1. What a beautiful party you have created for Grace, I love the butterfly theme and I can imagine how much the little girls loved decorating those butterflies with glitter and jewels:) I just know your girls will remember with fondness having these special parties as much as you did. I know I remember having fun choosing my birthday cakes:) xx

  2. Sounds perfect. Great looking cake too. My daughter is having a birthday very soon and even though we decided last year there would be no party this year in favor of a little family celebration instead, I am so tempted to do a small party for her. We keep it simple and they bring so much joy!

  3. You did such a lovely job with that cake Amanda...the whole party looks very pretty. I love the idea of meaningful craft (sometimes) too

  4. What a sweet Birthday theme for a little girl. Those gift bags are so pretty I'm sure they appreciated the thought and effort that went into them.
    I agree, thank you cards are far and few between nowadays. It's so nice that you and Grace are doing them :)

  5. oh, what a sweet, sweet birthday! love the butterfly craft decorating....and that cake, too cute!

    i love all your invitations - you are so talented!

  6. What a perfect 5th birthday party, so sweet :)

  7. Awww those little party bags are delightful and that cake is every girl's dream! Good job Amanda on giving her the perfect party.
    Happy Birthday sweet girl xoxo

  8. Look at that amazing cake you made! Wow. I think you're setting your girls up for the same tradition for them to look back on birthdays and parties. Looks like a wonderful day.


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