Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Mini Getaway

Over the weekend, we escaped to Paul's Uncle's holiday house for one last family getaway before the school holidays end... a lovely relaxing break nestled among the treetops overlooking the estuary.

Usually we don't venture too far from the water, with the boat and shoreline to keep little ones occupied. However with blustery winds, it was not ideal crabbing weather and we took a drive to the Mandurah foreshore instead.  Grace declared our morning visiting the King Carnival 'the best day ever', braving the scarily high water slide with Paul (while Sophie and I watched and took photos from below).  The merry-go-round, spinning tea-cups and mini golf were also highlights.

My highlight of the long weekend was definitely the sweet kookaburra who visited us at home one afternoon, allowing me to click away on my DSLR from nearby, unfazed by my camera.  That evening on dusk, he returned for a second time.  We sat in the bush beside the tree where he was perched and scattered left-over quiche around, amazed when he flew right beside us, barely a metre away. So tame, he only flew off when Grace discovered a huge bull ant crawling over her foot and her screams frightened him away.

Now, back home again, among the endless piles of holiday washing which have amounted after only a few days, the reality is beginning to sink in that Grace's return to school is just around the corner. There are school supplies yet to label, a library bag yet to be sewn and a pantry yet to be re-stocked. Next week we will be back into the routine of early mornings, lunchboxes and school bells dictating our days...


  1. It is a shame holidays have to come to such abrupt ends and end with all that washing...yes being away and now the harsh reality of school is a bit hard to take...all the best with your return tomorrow.

    Mandurah is a fun getaway little town too. xxx

    1. The house we stay at is in Dawesville and we never really venture back in Mandurah... this is the first time we did and it was lovely to stop for morning tea, wander around the markets and so on...

  2. It's been a bit startling as those summer effortless days have halted here and we are finding out way into a school rhythm, so I know just what you mean! Your break sounds so lovely. I'd definitely be opting for photo-taking not water-sliding too :) Love the kookaburra shot! Hope your school week is a smooth and happy one Amanda xx

  3. What a wonderful little getaway to enjoy the last of your holidays. xx


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