Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Lingering Summer Holiday Vibe


The end of 2014 seemed to disappear in a flash and while we were not ridiculously busy, blogging fell by the wayside for me for a little spell.  I dedicated November to gift buying and December to end of year functions and Christmas preparations, consciously keeping our activities as relaxing and low stress as possible.

And then after a wonderful day on the 25th, just like that, the busy season was over for another year and we fell into true holiday mode - days filled with lazy, slow-paced mornings, swims in our neighbours' pool and quiet time pottering around home for all.

Now, with Paul having returned to work a few weeks ago, we've tried to let the summer holiday rhythm linger. Days where we've caught up with friends or spent time outdoors by the water have alternated with ones where we have stayed close to home, the girls happy to pull out the paint set for a morning of art while I've tackled my latest decluttering project.  Housework has been done on an as-needed basis, the clock not watched as strictly and there has been a carefree feel in the air.

As for blogging, I am looking forward this year to getting back into my photography and to capturing more precious snippets of family life.  With 2014 zooming by much too quickly for my liking and our girls growing so fast, documenting this chapter in our lives has never felt more important...


  1. Happy New Year Amanda...I hope 2015 is going to be a blast for you and your family...

  2. MY heart skipped a happy beat when I saw you had done a new post. So lovely to see the girls' faces. Happy as always!!!
    I've loved the slow pace since Xmas/NY too. Chris returned to work last week and we've settled into some slow, lazy home days as well as some go-go-go/cram as much into them kinda days. Thats the beauty of Summer - longer days to enjoy! Routine has gone out the window here. Next week with the return to school, will shock us all :)

  3. I love the holidays...and the vibe. We've got a couple more days before the rush starts again x

  4. It sure did coma and go fast....school now back puts a whole new outlook on the year....all the best for setting a good pace in the coming months. xx

  5. Last year went by so fast and like you blogging feel by the wayside a little bit like it has this year already. I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous photography this year.. xx


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