Thursday, February 11, 2010

In My Handbag

This week’s My Place and Yours theme was picked by The Textured Leaf and she has asked those joining in to share the contents of their handbags.

After initially stuffing full the large bag I’d bought to act as a ‘nappy bag’ when Grace arrived, I’ve reverted back to my old handbag and now keep as many ‘baby items’ as possible in the car. My handbag carries only my essential items being…
  • My wallet – a cute one I found at Strandbags recently for only $11
  • My phone – nothing fancy, just the same old Nokia I’ve had forever
  • Diary – it initially had a really ugly cover so on the weekend, I recovered it in some cute polka dot paper
  • Notebook and Pen – my sister bought me this French looking notebook for my birthday last year. The pen is extra special as my Dad bought it for me on one of his holidays and now whenever I use it, I remember him.
  • Body Shop hemp hand cream
  • Clinique lip gloss (a mini sample I received)
  • Camera – I bought this cute Mozi case to keep it in (it’s actually an iPod cover but it fits my Canon perfectly)
  • Home Beautiful magazine – not usually in my bag but I’d just been to the post office and bought this while I was there

My keys are also usually in my bag but I’d hung them up on the key hook as soon as I walked in the door and my sunglasses were also missing as they were on my head when I took the photo.

To have a spy in other people’s handbags, have a look here.


  1. As a child I absolutely loved the Glomesh adverts that showed the contents of handbags - I must have always been a bit of a snoop!!
    The contents of my bag are embarassing...millions of receipts, doggie poo bags, unused but straggly tisssues, about 20 lip glosses.....ugghh!
    PS can I ask you how you made your header so lovely?

  2. Hi Sarah! Yes, it's fun seeing what other people carry around :) I was playing around with trying to pretty up my blog last night but I'm not very computer savvy so it's taken me a while to achieve anything. Next up I want to try and have some nice sidebar buttons and add some more photos. For the header, I scanned some pretty paper and then in a photo program we have (PhotoStudio) I wrote the text on top in layers. I made sure the image size was 600 to 700 pixels wide and around 150 high (got this info off the web but I'm actually going to try and reduce the height of it). I then uploaded this jpeg image to my header under Settings.

  3. Amanda, you have the tidiest handbag I have ever seen!! Yay you:) I don't actually own one, just a grab my keys, lippy (pop in my pocket) and purse kind of girl! I am off to have a peak at the link you gave:) Hope you are having a lovely day ~ off to post your little parcel this afternoon! ~ Tina x

  4. If only the contents of my handbag looked so pretty! I think you may actually have shamed me into having a turn out!

  5. *sigh*

    All these ridiculously tidy handbags....! ;) What's a girl to do when she's after a bit of grot & grime, or a hint of a scandal?!

    I wish I had such a neat handbag. Or even such a grown - up looking one!

    I applaud you for actually covering your diary - I have been meaning to do mine, but... meh. ;)

    Thanks for playing this week!

  6. You've got a very neat handbag too with all the necessary things in there. That camera cover is very sweet too.

    By the way your blog header looks great and your new photo is very pretty.xo

  7. Catherine - thanks for the kind comment about the changes I've made to the blog - I've been fiddling around with things trying to pretty it up a bit :)

  8. Oh what a lovely ordered handbag you have. Mine is just feral and only gets tidied when I get so frustrated when I can't find something. You have inspired me to do a handbag cleanout this weekend. A-M xx

  9. Is that a One Teaspoon handbag???
    I love your new blog header too, very pretty!
    Janette x

  10. I would be ashamed to empty the contents of my handbag publicly...I accumulate way to much! I do have the same French notepad though which was also given to me by my sister for my birthday! Thanks for visiting our blog! Tracey xx


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