Monday, August 29, 2011

Excuse This House

As I looked around my house this afternoon at the dishes sitting in the sink and the pile of washing waiting to be folded and put away, as well as the other endless household tasks I had yet to tick off my to-do list, I thought of a poem I’d come across recently here:

Excuse This House

Some houses try to hide the fact
That children shelter there
Ours boasts of it quite openly
The signs are everywhere

For smears are on the windows
Little smudges on the doors
I should apologise I guess for
The toys strewn on the floor

But, I sat down with the children
And we played and laughed and read
And if the doorbell doesn't shine
Their eyes will shine instead

For when at times I am forced to choose
the one job or the other
I want to be a house wife but
FIRST I'll be a mother

Author: Unknown

Image above found via Gingerella


  1. Ah, Amanda. This will resonate even more strongly once the baby's born! Eloquently put. J x

  2. What a sweet poem Amanda. I'm just wondering what my excuse is for an untidy house with piles of washing and many more things to be done?
    Have a lovely week x

  3. How true, wonderful poem! I wonder if theres a similar one to excuse messy houses that don't hold children?

  4. Wise words! Even though my baby isn't here yet the impact is already showing on the house with piles of baby clothes to be washed and boxes of baby stuff all over the house. I'm struggling to find places to put everything!

  5. the coolest poem....i love it and totally agree, i had stuff i could of done yesterday arvo and decided to play with zeke and a cardboard box, his behaviour was so much better and i loved watching his face light up thanks for sharing big smooch lisa xx

  6. Oh that is a lovely poem. Thank you.

  7. Hi amanda, i have seen this poem before.. and it really helped me, in fact i have lived by it and i am so happy that i read it before my son sam really started to get sick ; i was able to really appreciate my time with him and forget about the unimportant stuff.. How exciting, just 3 more weeks till baby comes along! Cant wait for the news! do you think you might go early? were you on time before, or overdue? i am sure these three weeks wil drag a bit but do try to enjoy your sleep as much as possible! Although, i found that part gets easier with each child after the first one! Hugs to you, Laura xxx

  8. Laura - I'm so glad you found that poem before Sam got sick too :) No, just under seven weeks until bub arrives. I was overdue with Grace by 5 days before being induced but have a feeling this time may be early... we'll see :)

  9. What a beautiful poem Amanda. I think as mothers we should all have that printed and put on the fridge to remind us that sometimes it's ok if things aren't always up to scratch. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful weekend lovely. xo

  10. I agree with Catherine, I need this on the fridge as a reminder to leave the house chores and spend more time with the kids, I don't want them remembering me as a crazy cleaning mother who never sits down to play with them, the balance is hard sometimes.....

  11. Just lovely :)

    Off to search your blog for other lovely things!

    Bek xx


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