Monday, August 1, 2011

Wintery Sunday Drive

There’s a place out towards the Avon Valley that Paul and I visited one wintery day a few years back that we’ve wanted to visit again ever since. With showers and windy weather forecast yesterday in Perth, Paul suggested we go for a drive out towards Toodyay and try and find it once again. Firstly, we stopped at a store we always enjoy browsing through called Emporium which has a collection of antiques as well as new homewares. Here we bought a rusty wire duck for our garden.

We then tried to find the café and were about to give up when Paul decided to try one last road, Chittering Road and sure enough, there was our tin shed tea room at Golden Grove Orchard. It was still the simple little rustic café we remembered with a woodfire stove in the middle keeping the place warm and toasty, old saws and tools displayed on the walls, a basic menu of sandwiches, soup and Devonshire teas and sixties music playing in the background. We stopped for lunch and then bought some freshly squeezed juice from the orchard out the back. We left feeling happy that we’d found our little café and glad we’d decided to go for a Sunday drive.

Over the weekend, I also made great progress on Grace’s quilt (I have changed my mind about the design and colours for the hundredth time!!) and could really see things starting to come together. Halfway through sewing all the squares together however, my machine decided to play up and started sucking the material into the feeder teeth. So today I’ve taken it to be serviced and looked at, eagerly awaiting its return so I can continue sewing. You can see the progress I’ve made on the quilt so far below.

That’s all from me today as Grace came down with a cold last night and none of us got much sleep. She’s pretty miserable so I’ve just been pottering around the house, tidying up and trying to keep her happy. Wishing you all a lovely start to the week…


  1. It sounds like a lovely outing and it was lucky Paul found the right road. I like those quirky little places.
    Your quilt is looking really good. The colour combo is so pretty!
    Have a lovely week xx

  2. A nice way to spend a Sunday for sure. I hope Grace is better soon. ;-)

  3. That cafe looks like my kind of place! I love Grace's quilt - the colours are so pretty. I hope that you are getting plenty of chance to rest. I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable especially in this hot Italian summer but mostly I'm feeling great. Only 7 weeks to go for me! Take care x x x

  4. It sounds like a great way to spend your weekend outside exploring and finding that special place you so fondly remember. What a nice cosy place to stop and enjoy lunch together. Sunday drives are so much fun.:)

    Grace's quilt progress is looking good, such pretty fabric you've chosen Amanda. I hope you get your sewing machine back soon so you can keep going with the sewing motivation.

    Have a wonderful week, I hope Grace feels better soon. Take care. xxoo

  5. That quilt looks really pretty, I love the colours and the patterns, it is going to be beautiful when it's done. I've always wanted to make a quilt but unfortunately I do more unpicking than sewing...

  6. What a gorgeous looking cafe, Amanda! So warm and welcoming with that fabulous stove in the centre. I am so happy you guys found your special cafe. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. I love Grace's quilt and I hope your little sweetie is feeling better asap. Wishing you a wonderful week ~ xx

  7. Oh, Amanda, I am so impressed at your progress with the quilt. Pure prettiness, you clever girl! I want to make one for Sam when life calms down a little. J x

  8. Perfect wintry day action - I think I might take your lead for next weekend and retrace those steps, sounds a lovely place to visit.

    Well done on the quilt for dear Grace too - quilting and sewing is my passion so look forward to seeing it develop (once the machine is back in action). Have you thought of hand quilting it with Perle 8 threads? I am nearly finished one for my Sophie and am so happy with it so recommend it highly.

    Hope you are feeling well too - exciting times ahead!

    Christine xo

  9. I think I will be making a note of these places for a visit sometime soonish, perhaps next holidays...

    The quilt is looking fantastic, hope your sewing machine is fixed up nice and quick while you are still motivated!

  10. Sarah Elizabeth - can't believe you only have 7 weeks to go. I'm feeling great but definitely getting more uncomfortable as my belly grows :)

    Catherine - my machine won't be back until this time next week unfortunately. I'm trying to take advantage of being without it by catching up on other things around the house, plus I've got Cooking Club this Saturday to get organised for.

    Christine - I so enjoy seeing you comment on my blog. It's nice knowing that someone local cares enough to read what I have to say. I didn't realise you were into quiliting, this is my first attempt at a quilt so it's taking me a little while. I'm not very good at hand sewing though so not sure what I'll do when I hit that part. I'd love to make a cot quilt for our next bub too. I'd love to see the one you've made Sophie - if you get a chance, perhaps you can email me a photo? If you go out towards the Avon Valley, remember that the Avon Descent is on this weekend so it may be a bit busier than usual x

  11. Grace's quilt is going to be so pretty! Wishing for the hundredth time that I could sew a straight line :)


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