Friday, February 5, 2010

Great End To The Week

Don't you love it when your day starts off good and keeps getting better? Well actually, apart from having a broken night's sleep due to poor Grace teething, my good day started last night. Whilst checking a few blogs before bed, I discovered that I had won a giveaway over at the lovely Tina's blog. Can't wait for my little parcel to arrive!

This morning, my lovely husband surprised me with a bunch of flowers. Then, while Grace and I were running a few errands at the shops, I found a casual top I liked (in a store I've never bought from before) reduced from $39.95 to $7. Can't believe my bargain!!

To top it off, I'm up to date with all my housework this week which means I have some time this afternoon to relax, so I am hoping to catch up on everyone's blogs and declutter my Google Reader list of its 1000 plus items!! I'm also hoping to work on a simple little painting for Grace's room and to frame and hang the cute card in the photo above in our laundry. Hope you all have a great end to the week too.


  1. Oh how wonderful to have had such a wonderful and well-deserved day Amanda :) I wish I was as organised as you, especially in the housework department! I am so glad you were happy to win one of the little hearts, I actually finished your embroidery this afternoon so it should be posted early next week:) Hope you managed to get your painting done for Grace's room, hoping you will share it with us. Hope your weekend is as wonderful as your Friday. - Tina x

  2. Sounds like you had a brilliant day!! I LOVE finding a bargain, not to mention receiving
    I hope your weekend continues in the same vein :-)

  3. I wish my fiancee would surprise me with flowers! What's your secret?

  4. Tina - looking forward to your little heart arriving in my mailbox :)
    Sarah B - hope you have a great weekend too!
    Sarah Elizabeth - my husband is not normally a flower giver so I was very surprised by his bunch this morning - I'm always hounding him about how I'd love him to buy me flowers which made this morning all the more special x

  5. Hello 0Amanda,
    Thank you so much for finding me. I love the flowers and is that carnations I see? I was never a fan I have to admit (carnations that is) until I watched the whole 6 episodes last year of Sex in the City when Carrie is given gorgeous pink carnations and now I can't get enough of them (why though did it have to take a tv show??).
    Have a great weekend,
    Lou :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Lou! You have some absolutely gorgeous things in your ebay store :)

  7. Don't you just love those days! I was very jealous of your winning Tina's beautiful heart and I can't wait to see Grace's picture. Will is also teething at the moment. His first little bottom tooth has just broken through. Poor little bubs hey! Janette x

  8. Wow! I'm V jealous! Have a great weekend....

  9. Congratulations on winning. That's lovely.

    And I love the styling in your photo. Very cool. xx


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