Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Happenings

Hope you have all had a lovely start to your weekend. I popped out for a coffee with a friend this morning while Paul took Grace and Asha for a walk at the park. The photo above shows a few bits and pieces from my Saturday.

Knowing how fond I am of a good cup of tea, my lovely friend Lyndell gave me the T2 sampler pack when we caught up (a collection of 10 types of loose leaf teas). The red and white packaged gift is for a Kitchen Tea I will be going to tomorrow afternoon (I used some of the vintage lace I had left over from Grace's cushion to pretty it up). The passionfruit is one of a whole bag I have been enjoying which my friend Pip brought me from her vine.

I have finally sewn the bunting for Grace's room and now I just have to work out where and how to hang it. I initially had plans of tying it to her cot. However she is so inquistive, I'm frightened it might pose a safety concern there for her curious little fingers and am thinking the windowsill might be a better option.

What lovely things have you all been up to this Saturday?


  1. good one!! God I looooove passionfruit. Have been buying them by the netfull and mixing them with Jalna Organic Natural yogurt. YUM
    Good on you for completing the bunting, I had a lot of help with Fern's! I hung her bunting on her bedroom wall using some of those 3m clear hooks you can now get at Coles. They are meant to be detachable but I havnt worked out how and kinda wish I could move mine, its a little too symetrical ....

  2. glad to have found your blog,nice and inspiring.
    I'm now following, come visit mine too! =)

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  3. Sounds like a great Saturday. I love T2 tea - I thin they make the nicest Earl Grey ( which is sometimes a little strong for me). The pressie looks lovely with the lace, ehat a nice does the bunting, you'll have to take a pic of it in situ.
    I hope Sunday is as nice!! x
    PS, yes I love taking Molly to dogs beach as I know it will wear her out for the rest of the day too!

  4. Hi Amanda, I can't wait to see where you put the bunting, it's looking lovely. I'm glad to hear you had a nice saturday. Thanks for your comment today! Janette x

  5. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Love the bunting - you made a great job of this. I wouldn't risk putting it near the cot either but it would look great hanging across any wall or from a side wall towards the middle of the room and to the other side then if its long enough. Please post a photo when you've decided where to put it.
    Love the way you wrapped the gift too!

  6. The lace present looks lovely. Cute bunting too. Hope you show it when you hang it in Grace's room.

  7. Love the bunting...youve' done a great job of it...and yes..good idea to keep out of reach of curious little hands...I made a test run one for Jacqs room out of paper to see if I liked the the moment it is hanging on his wall and its looks pretty good. LOVE T2 Teas..they have a great range of beautiful summer flavours which hubby and I sometimes have as iced tea...very refreshing. Have a great weekend Darling..enjoy your kitchen tea x

  8. Thanks for all the comments girls. I'll be sure to post a photo of the bunting hanging in Grace's room. Nicole - thanks for the tip re: the 3M clear hooks - will check them out next trip to Bunnings x

  9. Hi Amanda ~ I don't think my first comment came through:( I love Grace's gorgeous bunting it turned out so beautifully, must be thrilled! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday ~ Tina x

  10. Hi Amanda,
    The fabric looks beautiful as bunting! Love it. I put mine up in the girls rooms along the top of their windows and built in wardrobe.. it was very plain so that has brightened things up a bit, and the clear hooks are great, the ones made for stereo wires are the smallest and seem to be a little kinder to the paintwork!
    Love your wrapping too...

  11. Sounds like you had a productive Saturday. Love the bunting, very nice.
    Nellie xx

  12. What sweet friends you have:) I enjoy having a nice cup of tea too and the T2 shop has so many lovely ones to choice from. The bunting looks great too Amanda, very pretty. I hope that you had a good time at your shower tea.xo

  13. Oh bunting is one of my all time fav accessories!

  14. It sounds like you had a lovely Saturday Amanda, mornings like that are always great! I love your bunting the fabric you've used is lovely, I hope we will get to see it hanging. Hope you had a great rest of the weekend.

  15. Hi Amanda
    I had the same dilemma so we looped ours around the mosquito netting hoop. Just a thought...


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