Sunday, February 28, 2010

My List of Seven

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. We had a busy day yesterday with a friend’s wedding, so today is a quiet day at home. Last week was another good mail week with my little embroidered heart that Tina made me arriving. It is hanging in my study where I can enjoy it as I blog.

For today's post, the lovely Janette over at
My Sweet Prints has tagged me to join in with the fun of listing 7 facts about myself so here goes…

1. I love being a stay-at-home Mum – I look forward to each day I spend with my precious little Grace and enjoy being a ‘homemaker’.

2. I am a teacher – I am currently on maternity leave from my position but before having Grace, I taught in a small primary school. I used to enjoy thinking of exciting lessons to do with my students and always tried to make learning fun.

3. I have really neat handwriting - People always comment on how it looks like it’s been typed, I guess it comes from being a school teacher :)

4. I am hopeless at knitting – My Nanna tried teaching me when I was a young girl. My project was a hot-water bottle cover for my Mum for Mothers Day. My Nanna ended up buying me a cover to give my Mum instead!!

5. I once did surfing lessons – After saying for years that my goal was to one day learn to surf, my lovely husband (then fiancé) booked me in for lessons as a Christmas present. I convinced him to sign up too and we had great fun learning together.

6. I always have painted toenails - I always stick to pearly, natural tones. A few weeks ago I gave red polish a try and it just wasn't me at all.

7. I love the Harry Potter books – I first read these novels when I was teaching to see what all my students were fussing about. I soon became hooked. I think J.K.Rowling is such a talented writer.

I’m going to pass this task on to Sarah, Catherine and Catherine. Please don’t feel obliged to join in, but we’d love to learn 7 new things about each of you…


  1. Oh what wonderful things to share with us Amanda, especially that gorgeous photo of you with your precious Grace!! I am so inspired by you as a future teacher myself, I hope that I can make my lessons fun! I do love to knit but I cannot surf, what a fun thing to do with your husband!!! I love the fact that you always have painted toenails, I always seem to never think to do mine, but one the occasion that I do, I love it. I think that it is wonderful that you love being a stay at home Mum, so do I:) I am so very happy that you liked your little heart, thanks for showing a pic of it:) Thanks for sharing these wonderful things about yourself, it has been so great learning about my sweet friend Amanda:) ~ Tina xx

  2. Hi Amanda, thanks so much for taking part! So nice to learn more about you! And that pic of you and little Grace is so sweet!
    Janette x

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment Tina :) With all your creative ideas, I'm you will make a wonderful teacher. As much as the surfing lessons were fun, I don't think I've hopped on a board since :) Am loving my little heart, the lavender smell is so beautiful next to me here x

  4. Janette - Thanks for tagging me - was fun to join in x

  5. That was fun...and just when I thought you couldnt get any just did :)
    had to love about the red polish..I was the same..but I persisted..and now I love just gotta find that right shade of red ; ) I will convert x

  6. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for sharing these things with us - I love getting to know more about people - makes me feel I really know them! Your daughter is gorgeous - I would have loved to have been a stay at home Mum but unfortunately couldn't afford to be. Make the most of her while she is little because they grow so fast. My son is 12 today and I just can't believe it!! I have neat handwriting too or so people tell me and I also can't knit. I'm struggling to think of my seven things as most things I come up with make me sound nuts!

  7. Anna - You are so sweet :) I'll give red polish another go just for you :)

    Samantha - I've been enjoying reading everyone's lists too - it's fun getting to know all my lovely blogging friends that bit more. I found it hard to think of my 7 points too. I'll look forward to reading your list x

  8. Thank you for telling us a little bit more about your lovely self Amanda. The photo of you and Grace certainly tells us how much you love her and how much you enjoy being her Mum, it's beautiful. You know I'm also a teacher but I haven't worked in quite a while, I enjoy being with my girls at home and looking after my little family.

    Thanks for tagging me, I'm not sure what to write yet, I'll have to have a think. xo

  9. Beautiful photo! Yes, you do have the neatest, most uniform handwriting I have ever seen! Kylie xx

  10. I'll look forward to seeing your list Catherine. Thanks for commenting Kylie x

  11. Hi Amanda

    Thanks for your comment. The bus roll canvas was printed by a friend. Here's their website if you are interested. Another graphic design friend did the font and layout. I just provided the list of beach names.

    I'm loving seeing what you have done with your home too!

  12. Hmm neat handwriting huh!? Perhaps you can share some tips with me!!! I am a shocker!!

  13. That's such a lovely photo of you and Grace, Amanda : )
    I loved reading your seven things, I am only just reading the Harry Potter books now after years of saying I never would but I am really enjoying them! I think it must be lovely to stay home and be a homemaker, I think I'd love it too. As for red nail polish I'm a fan but I think that's the very quiet rebel in me trying to come out! I will definitely take up the tag, thank you for asking me.

  14. Rachel - thanks for the details of the bus roll.

    Catherine - so glad you like Harry Potter too - I'll look forward to your list of seven x

  15. I love the picture of you and your daughter. Precious!


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