Friday, May 27, 2011

Drawn To Pink

Image via French Knot

Since this time last year, I have been looking to make some changes to our living area to 'finish things off' in what has for too long been a half completed part of our home considering we spend most of our time there. With a grey and white base and some touches of blue, I had been deliberating over a final colour to add some contrast. For a while, I toyed with the idea of adding yellow. However, without any yellow elsewhere in this area, it didn't seem like the right choice.

Over the last week, turning to two prints we have hanging in this area, I found my answer... pink. I won't be going overboard and adding pink items everywhere, just a few subtle touches as the pink will be more of a 'surprise colour' in this room's colour scheme.

I never used to be a huge fan of the traditional girly pink shades. As a little girl, my room was decorated in apricot (not that I had any input into that) and my favourite colour was purple. In high school, this changed into a love of all things blue, a colour which made its way into our first home and is still one I am drawn to today.

However lately, I've developed an appreciation for pink. I've been admiring some soft pink pieces to add to Grace's white and yellow room, the flowers we bought recently to add some colour to our back garden are all shades of pink and I even bought a pale pink top recently on my shopping spree (a colour which I've never had in my wardrobe).

Which colour have you found yourself drawn towards lately?


  1. Pink sounds nice. Does Paul like pink? Some men don't mind - hopefully he's one of those :)
    Me, well I'm always drawn to blue, all shades but maybe turquoise at the moment, along with everyone else!!
    Have a lovely weekend xx
    ps was trying to comment on your last posts but I couldn't get it to work.

  2. Like Sarah, I'm a blue girl, through and through. Green and mauve are also favourites. That is such a pretty picture, Amanda. J x

  3. Hmm I wonder if being drawn to pink has anything to do with that baby you are growing? Those pinks are very pretty. I tend to decorate with neutrals, and country type colours.

  4. I find myself drawn to soft sea green/blues...shades between chalk blues and minty greens...if that makes sense?!

    This was the colour we painted the nursery - which is a great unisex shade and very soothing.

    Looking forward to some pics when you add the pink touches. Am sure it will look very elegant.

    PS. How sweet that your little was waving. Very precious!

  5. Sarah - Paul is not a pink fan but I've reassured him that the 'touches of pink' I mean will be VERY small, like a candle or a white cushion with a subtle pink stripe or two.

    Deb - I actually had an ultrasound during the week. Didn't find out the sex of our baby though :)

  6. I find that I gravitate towards different colours at different the moment for me its ..greens, pinks..and now I think yellow is sneaking in there a little. I just finished 5 paintings for my Etsy store..and there seems to be alot of pink in I must be sitting in the same pink zone with you lovely...its just so uplifiting. I think it would look great in your living room..a watermelon shade would look beautiful against the blue? A x

  7. I tend to be drawn to tiny touches of red... Occasionally pink too.

  8. I like your touch of pink idea, Amanda. I've always been a sucker for dusty creamy colours like pale pink, grey, eggshell blue (obviously :) Used to be crazy about red - especially deep scarlet red but went into overdrive with red cushions one year and am now a bit over it! I'm drawn to rooms that adopt a subtle colour palette but have something really eye catching/wow hanging on the wall. Have a great week x


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