Friday, August 31, 2012

Can You All See My Posts?

Just a quick note before I do a proper post late on today... I'm wondering if you're all seeing my posts in your readers and so on?  I've been fiddling around all week with my blog layout and various bits and bobs in my sidebar and it's really been a learning curve for me as I'm not very technical at all... lots of Googling, trying things out and so on.  I am in the process of trying to make the RSS button in my sidebar link properly and tried so the other day with Feedburner and then messed things up and so I deleted it.  Looking at my low post visits from this week is making me wonder if I've deleted something I shouldn't have...

If you can see this post, can you please let me know with a quick comment...  
Also, does anyone know of a good tutorial on how I can make my RSS button work or explain to me simply what I need to do?


  1. I can see you. Have a lovely weekend.x

  2. Perhaps everyone is out in the garden,waiting for spring. Sorry I'm no help, a techno phob at best. Haven't left a comment for a while but have enjoyed watching the changes you have been making. Looks lovely.

  3. Looks good from my end, I read through Google Reader.

    ALso, if you can explain rss to me too, that would be awesome.

  4. I see it. Sorry I can't help with any advice on the RSS button. Good luck. It can be frustrating trying to figure those things out. That's why I don't make any major changes to my site!

  5. Yes I can see this post in my reader :) Not too knowledgeable on the RSS button though sorry :(

  6. Thanks so much for letting me know ladies! Enjoy the weekend x


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