Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bookworm Club: Bugs And Insects

With the feeling that this year is disappearing before my eyes, I found myself lying awake in bed the other night suddenly realising that I only have Grace home with me full time for another six months before she starts kindergarten in February.  I began to worry if our days were fun enough for her, if I spent enough time playing with her each day and if we were doing enough enjoyable activities.  Deep down I know that she loves our time together at home.  I just don't want to get to next year and look back on this time wishing I'd 'done more'.  I find I'm constantly reminding myself of the poem 'Excuse This House' lately whilst I'm doing my best to balance work and play.   

One of the the things we have been spending time on together is Claire’s fun Bookworm Club over at one of my favourite blogs, Scissors Paper Rock.  Trips to the library, curling up together reading books and using what we'd read as a starting point for some art activities are all things I want to continue with Grace over our next few months together.

This theme seemed to re-ignite Grace’s love of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and consequently, EVERY night this week, it’s been her book of choice for a bed time story.  When we reached the page about the caterpillar building a cocoon and transforming into a butterfly, Grace kept asking, ‘but HOW does he build it?’ so together, we used this as a learning opportunity and searched for a clip on You Tube to help understand this better.  As a related art activity, we looked at the symmetry of butterflies and with some help to find the segments which matched on each side of its body, Grace coloured in the outline you can see above and had fun shaking glitter over a few parts.

By far, Grace's favourite bug related book was a great sticker book we found in the toy aisle at our local supermarket which provided lots of simple explanations and information about a whole range of creepy crawlies.  It has been a wonderful activity for rainy days. 

Now we’re looking forward to the theme for the August Bookworm Club which is Under The Sea… lots of scope for fun books and activities with this topic... can't wait!  


  1. The book club is such a great idea and what a wonderful way to spend time with Grace. I love how you extend the theme into research and craft. xx

  2. The bookworm club sounds fabulous! I have two creepy crawly fans here as well. The little one even has bug bed sheets, he loves them! x

  3. Oooh that sticker book looks FAB! Ella also loves those interactive ones. Thank you so much for joining in with July's bookclub :)
    And I know EXACTLY what you mean about time fleeting away & the worry that comes with that!!!!
    Can't wait to see your Under The Sea adventures too :)

  4. cuteness.........what a great idea, and you spending any time with her i'm sure is cherished have a wonderful week lisa xx

  5. What a great idea for a link up
    I can think of heps of water/sea book for us to use already!

  6. Amanda I am the same as my little girl Mia is heading off the prep next year. I will really miss everything about our days together, just us girls. Loved seeing what you did for the July Book Club over at SPR. We joined in too. Cassie x

  7. Hi Amanda....I love that poem..Excuse This sounds just like my whole parenting style...while I like being a house wife and keeping the house 'pretty' I'll always take time to sit and play first with the kids as that's what they'll remember when they're older.....Don't under estimate the time you spend with Grace,you are creating wonderful memories for her now for when she's older and she'll be bale to look back and say 'my mum always took time to be with me.' Look at it this way (and this is how I've done it for years now) house work is always going to be there to be done but our children won't always be at home....I miss my daughter every day but she is living her life now and although she keeps in touch it's not the same as when she was living at home....Don't stress Amanda you're doing a wonderful job and Grace knows it.....take care xoxox

    1. Thanks Michelle :) I keep telling myself that my girls won't remember if the house was messy or disorganised, they'll remember me spending time with them :)

  8. Oh Amanda. You are doing a fabulous job as a mama. You are enough. I mean it. J x

  9. Your girls are very lucky to have a mama like you Amanda. I'm going to join in the Book Club with you and Claire too x

  10. This is such a wonderful idea to introduce Grace to lots of new and exciting topics and to get that one on one time together before kindy starts. I love her butterfly, she is so very neat for a little one Amanda. xx


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