Friday, August 10, 2012

Ten On Ten

Today I thought I’d join in for the first time with Rebekah’s ’10 On 10’ linky, a project where bloggers take ten photos for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of the month with the purpose of ‘finding the beauty in an ordinary day’.

Here’s a snapshot of how things have looked in our house…

#1  A mug of green tea on a cold winter's morning...

#2  Poor Asha having to eat her biscuits off the back door mat after Grace spilt them when feeding her...

#3  Sophie creating her first mess of the day...

#4  Grace playing 'shops'...

#5  A tear out from an interiors catalogue that arrived in the mail - am hoping to check out these vases and vessels on our travels this morning...

#6  Hanging out a load of washing in the sunshine to dry - Grace finally agreed to me washing her beloved 'Baa Baa'...

#7 One of the gifts Grace chose for my Mum's birthday today - she was adamant we had to give her a plant, so we made a quick visit to Bunnings...

#8 A lucky find in the carpark, guarded safely by Grace until she got home and put it in her money box...

#9  My keys hanging inside (alongside the spare set!!) - we locked ourselves outside on our way to run another errand.  Would you believe, I'd only just used our spare set (which is normally hidden outside) a few days ago and had yet to re-hide them... fortunately my mobile was in my pocket and my mother-in-law came to the rescue with her spare keys...

#10  Sophie playing with the pegs while I took the washing off the line...

Wishing you all a nice relaxing weekend ahead.  We're off to morning tea tomorrow for my Mum's birthday, are having one of my best friends over tomorrow afternoon for a long overdue catch up and then have a quiet Sunday planned.  How about you?  What have you been up to today and what do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. The ordinary day posts are actually my favourites I think! I wish I could acquire a taste for green tea! Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. I too keep meaning to join in with this ten on ten post Amanda, but once again, I missed it! Thank heavens you had your phone on you when you locked yourself out, and the presence of mind to have yet another backup set of keys with your mother in law. I once had to throw a brick through one of our windows when I locked myself out years ago. A steep lesson in hiding spare keys too.
    Amanda x

  3. Lovely photo wrap up....Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Great photos Amanda. Sophie making a mess :) I can laugh now...because Ryder is still not crawling so is unable to get into things yet. But give it a few more weeks & I'll be the one dealing with the messes made :o)
    Love your pretty mug too.
    Have a great weekend. We're not going away anymore :( Ryder's temps are still peaking 40degrees. I had a shocking day with him in xray etc. Will update you soon.

    1. I am constantly one step behind Soph, cleaning up her path of destruction!! :) Poor Ryder:( Hope he improves soon xx

  5. Love the 10on ten idea...hopefully next month
    We're doing a grade 2cat project tomorrow and making birthday dinner for a good friend
    Have a lovely day tomorrow

  6. That photo of baa baa on the line is so adorable. Came up nice and clean too!
    Hope you have a nice weekend with the fam. Ive got lots of painting to do outside so Im glad the sun is shining this weekend :)

  7. Hi Amanda. What a great idea. love your photo selection. Jx

  8. Hello Amanda I was wondering if you would mind posting which catalogue the vases were in. I really like the dark blue honeycomb one. I'm in the country so we don't get many catalogues!
    Thanks, Michelle. (Please don't mind the anonymous I have none of the accounts listed.)

    1. Hi Michelle, the vases were from a catalogue for Freedom that arrived on Friday x

  9. A fab snapshot of your daily life, Amanda. Keep them coming, please! J x

  10. I will have to try and remember this for next month, it looks like a nice way to see the beauty in the everyday and you've certainly captured many of them here. How sweet is Grace to specifically want to choose a flower for your Mum, I bet she loved how much thought went into her decision. And what a happy little helper you have there:) I hope your weekend was a happy one.xx


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