Friday, January 18, 2013

Grateful For Good Health

When I was going through IVF, all I dreamt of was being pregnant.  When I was pregnant, I was desperate to reach the stage where our little one had a good chance of survival in the event of a premature birth.   When in labour, I just wanted a healthy baby boy or girl to be placed into my arms.  Four days ago, a friend of Paul’s family had her baby girl at 35 weeks… only the ‘healthy baby’ part was not quite as expected.  A path of medical intervention and surgery lies ahead and I feel such overwhelming saddness for her and her precious little one.  However, with a loving, supportive family and surrounded by their prayers, I know she will be in the best hands possible.

During my own childhood, my parents had to deal with me having hip dysplasia as a baby and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis from 18 months of age.  Weekly hospital appointments were a part of our lives for some time, along with no doubt much worry for my Mum and Dad.  It is only now that I have become a mother myself and have recently gone through a flare up of my arthritis that I can truly understand how hard it must have been for them to see me in pain, to tuck me into bed each night with splints on both my legs and to blow me a kiss as I was wheeled into the operating theatre.

This week, I am so immensely grateful, more than ever, for our two healthy girls, whose only visits to doctors have been for colds and viruses and typical childhood illnesses.  I am grateful that we live in a country where we have access to medical professionals and services.  And I am grateful that any health issues in our household at the moment are minor ones that I am facing, rather than my loved ones...

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  1. IVF must have been really hard for you. Im not a Mum myself, a little scared at the idea of being one still. Although I bought home a puppy on the weekend so I think that means Im trying to train for a family in a way! I was pretty sick as a kid with asthma in and out of hospital a lot and I think that is my biggest fear if I ever had kids, if they are sick there is nothing you can do other than love and care for them of course. But its the helplessness that is really sad and would be hard to cope with I think x

  2. It's the big one, isn't it? Health first, everything else comes after. Your parents went through a lot, as so many do. I thank my lucky stars every day that health-wise we have been okay so far. I touch wood as I type that. Best wishes to your friend, Amanda. x

  3. Special prayers for your friend and her dear baby, xo

    I too feel eternally grateful for a healthy child, especially after the IVF path required for her being brought into our lives - we are truly the lucky ones!

    bye for now,
    Christine xo

  4. It always amazes me the number of things i see now and feel such gratitude towards my parents. At the time of course we are so out of touch with the experiences they have as the parent. now as one myself i cringe and look back and think - wow.

    Sending some strength to your family friend and her baby xx

  5. Oh, such a big one to be grateful for! I feel for parents who know nothing else but hospital visits with their children, they must have an enormous reserve of strength. I hope all goes well with your friend's little one. x

  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends Amanda and I hope all goes well for them....having a healthy child is such a worry at times, I know I gave my parents a bit to worry about with having a heart murmur, asthma, scoliosis and a pinched nerve in my right cheek which made it a little hard to talk and for people to understand me when I was little....thankfully I had three healthy babies myself and all went well but as you probably know Luke has Autism and has had since the age of sometimes we can start out with a healthy baby and the worries come later....either way it's stressful but being strong for our little ones is what we must do and I'm sure your friends will get through this trial and have a happy healthy baby soon...xo

  7. I am always so grateful for the medical care we have here in the UK. It's easy to take it for granted but other parts of the worlds really aren't so lucky.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  8. Agree - your health is so precious. My mum was ill most of my childhood and it really taught me you just cant take your health for granted. Thoughts are with your friends - I hope they try and be strong through the tough times that lie ahead.
    Love Rachie xo


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