Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pre-Term Butterflies

A few days ago, I drove past Grace’s new school and seeing all the teachers’ cars in the staff car park made me think back to where I used to be at this time each and every year prior to having children.  The final days of summer holidays were always spent in my classroom preparing for the term and year ahead.  Day dreaming about all that we would achieve and discover together on our learning journey.  Printing off name tags for each and every student.  Pouring over class lists and picturing the personalities behind each name.  Arranging desks.  Creating a classroom that felt warm and welcoming…

There are only a few days remaining before students go back to school here in WA.  However this year, I’m experiencing things on the flip side from a parent’s perspective and everything feels so foreign.  I’ve become the slightly emotional mama who can’t quite believe that her big girl is off to kindy, when it seems like it was only yesterday she was born.  

Slowly over this past week, we’ve been talking more and more about the journey ahead of us… preparing both Grace AND me.  There has been a lunchbox and a backpack to buy, much thinking on my part about what to actually pack in both, school supplies and uniforms to label, decisions to make regarding morning routines, thoughts on how we will spend our non-kindy days together… and a touch of nervousness on both our parts.

But there is also excitement. Excitement for the adventures and friends and experiences ahead.  For the skills my big girl will develop and for the tales of her days I look forward to her sharing with me as we walk home at the end of a school day.  There will be, I’m sure, many proud moments ahead… moments I look forward to whole heartedly.  So as our first of many terms commences next week, I will undoubtedly miss my little shadow, but will try not to dwell on the butterflies in my stomach and instead think about all the happy times ahead as her schooling journey begins...


  1. All the best with Grace's first day Amanda. It is so hard to let them go. We just had Jasper's first day today. He breezed through it and it felt like such an anticlimax! I was just happy that he liked it and is happy to go back tomorrow xx

  2. So beautifully written, Amanda. All very natural feelings that moms everywhere share. Keep us posted on how things progress! I'm sure it will all go smoothly.

  3. I can understand the nerves you are now having it is such a big deal for both of you, that the two of you are starting on a new journey. I know that I have similar feeling when both girls go back, hoping for a great day for them both. I'm sure that all will go smoothly for both of you, I hope you enjoy having some one on one time with Sophie doing something fun and keeping your mind busy I'm sure you will be thinking of Grace too. Take care, thinking of you. xx

  4. Oh sweet Amanda! It really is such an emotional time. Not sad (ok sometimes!)...just so emotional. You have given your baby the very best start to her new adventure andshe will shine. And some one on one time with Sophie will be just lovely too. WIshing you a gentle start to this new chapter and strength and happiness on the big day :) x

  5. I know exactly what you mean about shifting sides from being the 'teacher' to now the 'parent'. So much more heart-twitching being the parent isn't it? Grace will love Kindy. It will be so good for her and you....and Sophie who'll get her Mumma to herself for a few days a week :))) Enjoy the time, as it goes so quickly.
    I'm trying to get my head around the fact that Ella is now in FULLTIME school. I start planning our weeks and then remember that she has to go to school everyday. Not cool.
    Thinking of you during this new year/start of Kindy/change in the air...time.

  6. I have to admit, I'm finding all these back to school posts so beautiful to read. Such a transition, so much to think about, much to process. It all feels so far off at the moment, but I know I'll blink......x
    (will be thinking of you this week)


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