Friday, January 11, 2013

Three Moments From Our Week

My blog posting has been a bit erratic over the past few weeks.  But with a 'holiday at home' of sorts now over and with our days returning to their normal rhythm, I'm keen to get back into writing and taking photos and sharing bits and pieces with you all in this space of mine, starting with a few moments from our week which have made me smile...

A paddle in the river after Sunday breakfast at a favourite cafe turned into a nudie swim for Sophie after she got her outfit completely soaked... 

Grace re-discovered an old childhood kaleidoscope still in the toy box at my Mum's - the only way she could use it was to cover one eye with her hand...

Sophie pushed her 'baby' everywhere around the house in the play shopping trolley, pausing to add things to the basket in her travels just like a little bowerbird...

While the past two days have been somewhat cooler, the weather in Perth lately has been uncomfortably hot.  Temperatures above 40 degrees have been common and as a result our air conditioning has been working over-time, the girls have been running around in next to nothing most days and we've been snacking on lots of fresh, summery fruits.  Fortunately, we've also had access to our neighbours' pool while they've been away on holidays and so over the weekend, we'll probably try to sneak in a few last swims before they return home.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead...


  1. Your little girls are so sweet Amanda. I loved it when my girls were little and they could get away with being nudie and just be carefree. It must be lovely to see Grace enjoying things that were once yours. And look at Sophie go she looks unstoppable now she's walking:) Wishing you a lovely weekend too, I hope the weather is kind to all of you over there, it's been too hot lately just about everywhere. xx

  2. Lovely pics Amanda - it looks like you have really been enjoying family times. The pic of Sphie in the birthday suit reminds me of my sister. Whenever we went to the beach was would always strip off - I always kept my clothes on :)

  3. Yuck....40 degrees plus....that's crazy! Yes, use that pool. Make the most of it :) cute is Sophie with her baby and trolley :) And i love the nudie river shot :)

    Love seeing a new post from you in my feed, Amanda.
    Have a great weekend.
    Claire x

  4. Glad you have been managing to keep cool. It's hard to get back into routine after such lazy days. I think I will have to wait til school goes back before I feel settled again. How cute are the girls? Nudie swims are the best! xx

  5. Oh the river. Makes me homesick. My kids had many a swim in the Canning River near my mum's when they were little.
    Hope you get some cooler weather soon x

  6. It's a funny time of the year isn't it??

    ... and it's even been cracking 40 degrees down here! unheard of.

    rachel xo

    1. I must tell my husband who keeps saying we need to move down south where you are to avoid the heat :)

    2. It felt like we had been transported to the tropics for a few days there!

  7. I do do love that spot on the river, not far from where I grew up. We used to spend winter nights huddled in the boat dabbing prawn nets by the glow of the gas lantern. I am so glad the heat has lifted at last. I was not coping terribly well! x

  8. The best days in the year I always think..before all the old routines and committments start up again.

  9. How lovely to stumble upon your space here. Your wee grace and Sophie are just beautiful and sounds as though you've been enjoying time together over the summer. Here's hoping for some cooler weather for you over the cooler months. X


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