Sunday, May 5, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

Sophie:  Windswept hair, running free in the salty sea breeze at Margaret River... loving not being confined to a car seat or stroller

Grace:  Giggling and grinning and happy as always

Joining in with Jodi


  1. beautiful photos as always -- your girls look so happy and obviously enjoyed all that family 'away' time together...changing the routine. i must do more of it!

  2. I swear they are changing every week !! Beautiful shots , What camera do you use Amanda ? Im purchasing a new camera next week.
    Karyn x

  3. Your girls are the face of happiness.
    A reflection of YOU and your beautiful parenting.
    Mwah xx

  4. So beautiful and just looking at those grins put a smile on my face this morning! Somehow they seem to look older every week I stop by x!

  5. Oh Amanda, your girls are growing up so quickly. I love popping in to see your weekly photos. xx

  6. These are just so beautiful, such happy little girls you have. Your Sophie reminds me so much of Miss 9, loves to be free. xx


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