Friday, May 31, 2013

Searching For Pre-Loved Pieces...

With two little ones under the weather, it's been a fairly low-key few days in our household this week. We did manage a quick visit to Ikea yesterday to collect our 'finally in stock bookcase doors' for our home office / guest bedroom makeover, as well as a drive to our favourite riverside spot on Wednesday to soak up the sunshine and break that house-bound feeling.  However, the rest of our week has been rather quiet.

I've been continuing to slowly plough through my 'autumn action list' as well as doing my best to stay warm on these chilly nights in front of the fireplace, cup of tea in hand and laptop by my side, browsing on Gumtree and Etsy for some pre-loved items I'm hoping to find.  Here's what I'm after...

1.  During 'quiet time' while her little sister naps, Grace often drags a chair into her bedroom as part of her imaginative play.  I've decided that a sweet little cane chair for under her window-sill will be well used and have been hunting for a suitable one for some time now.  

2.  Down the track, I'd like a pretty set of bedside drawers to replace the current ones in Sophie's nursery. A style similar to those above, able to be freshened up with a coat of glossy white paint would be perfect...

3.  In Grace's bedroom, the play kitchen she received for her second birthday is used daily. For Sophie's room, which is gradually changing from a nursery to more of a toddler space, I'd also like a play corner. I'd desperately love to find a wooden doll's house that I can transform with a combination of minty green and white paint.  The sweet one above is a spruced-up Gumtree find, beautifully made-over by fellow blogger Bianca.

4.  When I visit secondhand or antique stores, I immediately head for the crockery section on the look out for cute vintage dishes, utensils and pretty tea cups and saucers.  The style and colour of the cafe au lait bowl above is gorgeous and the type of piece I would definitely scoop up.

5.  We already have a lovely antique Bentwood chair sitting in our entryway, but I'm now after a second one for our home office, something that can double as a spare seat as well as a bedside table of sorts and a piece that will bring some warmth to the room.  

What do you hunt for in secondhand shops?  Are you currently searching for any pre-loved pieces?

Image sources: #1  Roses Upcycled / #2 Melissa Esplin (I Still Love You) 
#3 Bianca (A Little Delightful) / #4 Petits Details on Etsy / #5 Lily & Bramwell


  1. Good luck with your hunting, I hope you are successful soon. ;-)

  2. Ooo happy hunting! I am on the look out for a dining table, chairs and a wooden shoe box/bench for the front door. x

  3. sorry to hear that both your girls have been under the weather -- it's no good feeling poorly & having to spend so much time indoors. it can drive you a little crazy!

    funny you say about currently searing for pre-loved i'm constantly on the look-out for a vintage/retro sideboard for our front room, as well as an old vintage rocker chair (perhaps - or should i try to purchase something new?) for our bedroom. i love gumtree and etsy!
    and lately i've been looking for new pieces for the nursery...lamps, pictures to frame, cushions, etc. luke actually said to me the other night, "on etsy again are you?" haha. :D

    i hope you find those elusive pieces very soon (and make sure you post about them!)

  4. Your list is lovely, hopefully something perfect comes your way soon.

    I am also gumtree hunting at the moment, got my eye out for a nice wooden rocking chair and a hall table for by our front door. Also, a nice queen bed frame for our other spare room. And any other nice things that catch my eye!!!

  5. Oooh love your list of things to find. Some gorgeous items there Amanda. I LOVE that white draw set with the yellow handles!
    Redecorating and planning is so much fun.

  6. I find Gumtree the easiest place to look for pre loved because you can see the photos and know the price and email or ring for more info without even having to leave the house!

  7. I love Bentwood chairs! I just saw one at the markets a few weeks back - you know the place ;) - and would have picked it up despite the 'no-more-chairs ban' Mr Nerd has put me under, but it was covered in thick yellow paint! Hmmm... would have been a lot of work stripping it off. But you know what, the old guy who was selling it is there quite a bit and he often has all kinds of chairs, so maybe he will have another you can get one day. His things are not expensive either, I bought an old little school chair from him a few weeks ago for three dollars and am just deliberating over what colour to paint it :)

  8. I love all of those little bits and pieces you are looking for I would especially love some bentwood chairs and an old kitchen table one day... Your little ones will adore having a doll house, Miss 9 just loved playing with hers, although her doll house is plastic, but once belonged to Miss 13 so it's quite old now I wish I could have afforded her a wooden one. I hope all your searching is successful. xx


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