Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Grace At Four

Today is our sweet Grace's fourth birthday. Waking with the sun, we sat by the warmth of our fireplace and showered her with cuddles, presents and birthday wishes.  Us three girls enjoyed morning tea at Grace's cafe of choice followed by a long play at the park in the sunshine.

In true mama fashion, I spent much of the day thinking about the four years that feel as though they've passed in the blink of an eye and about how much my heart bursts with love and pride for our 'Gracie girl'.

As I did last year, here is a letter I've written, a few snapshots from the past twelve months and a little birthday interview...

My beautiful girl,

You have blossomed into such a sweet-natured, caring little poppet who is a delight to spend time with and whose happy spirit and gentleness make you such a 'Grace'.  Physically, you are tall and slender with a whisper of a waist, long limbs and delicate features.  Your hair is long now, long enough for braids and you proudly declare how much it's grown every time you brush those silky curls.

You are a girl with confidence and enthusiasm, yet a shy side around strangers.  You have a nurturing heart and a sensitive soul... an over-thinker whose little mind ticks away over the world's workings and your niggling concerns.  Outdoors, you are most content pottering about - picking flowers, making 'cakes' in the sand patch and mothering Asha.  Afternoons are spent whizzing about on your scooter or bike and having adventures with Sophie who you've quickly learnt listens to your every word and copies your every move.  Indoors, you draw and colour and craft away, practising your newly learnt writing skills and dressing up your stuffed toys with ribbons and hair clips and dolls' clothes.

I'm often amazed by the kindness your little four year old self displays. The other day I found you unstacking the dishwasher before we left for kindy, telling me you were doing so because "then you'll have more time to play with Sophie".  This morning, you emptied out your money box wanting to give Daddy a handful of your coins after he'd jokingly remarked he was in need of some cash.  If I ever use a stern voice with your mischievous sister, you chime in protectively with, "But Mummy, don't forget she's still a baby".  

Recently, as we were driving in the car you asked me,

"How long will I be grown-up?"
"A long way away," I said, "After you've been to school and high school, then you'll be a grown-up".
There was pause as you thought about things...
"But Mummy, will you still be my Mummy when I'm grown up?" you asked, the concern obvious from the tone of your voice.
I reassured you with, "Of course.  I'll always be your Mummy.  Forever."

... I'm so very blessed to be able to say you're eternally mine...

All my love,

1.       What is your favourite colour?    I really like orange and gold, that's my favourite colour

2.       What is your favourite toy?   Baa Baa       

3.       What is your favourite fruit?    Rockmelon

4.       What is your favourite TV show?   Peppa Pig's my favourite show

5.       What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch?   Vegemite and cheese sandwich

6.       What is your favourite outfit?   Normally, a pretty flower dress

7.       What is your favourite game?   Drawing

8.       What is your favourite snack?   Berry bars

9.       What is your favourite animal?   Guinea pigs

10.   What is your favourite song?   'Incy Wincy Spider' and 'I Can Sing A Rainbow'

11.   What is your favourite book?   'Numbers'

12.   Who is your best friend?   Sienna and Emily

13.   What is your favourite cereal?  Just Weetbix and porridge

14.   What is your favourite thing to do outside?   Ride my scooter

15.   What is your favourite drink?   Juice

16.   What is your favourite holiday?   Denmark

17.   What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Baa Baa 

18.   What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?   Weetbix

19.   What is your favourite thing Mummy makes you for tea?    Pasta

20.   What do you want to be when you grow up?   A swimming teacher


  1. Aw. Sweet Gracie. Happy birthday, Poppet! Such a delightful post, Amanda, you clever mama. J x

  2. Happy birthday to Grace and happy birthing day to you, mama! Lovely post!

  3. Happy Birthday. Great post. You capture your daughter at this stage perfectly.

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet little Grace (one of my favourite names!). It will be wonderful for you to look back on these letters. We tend to forget all the little things over the years, but blogging is a lovely way to preserve this. Love the pier picture :)

  5. happy 4th birthday grace! what a lovely way to spend such a special day!

  6. Amanda your post brought tears to my eyes what a beautiful letter to your beautiful girl. All the things you write about Grace I feel like I know her, I can imagine her kindness how wonderful it is that you are her Mum and that she is your daughter, you are both so blessed. A very very happy 4th birthday Grace I hope your day was a special one full of lots of fun with your family. xxx

    1. Thank you for your lovely words Catherine xx

  7. Wishing Grace..and you Amanda..a happy fourth birthday! She is such a special young lady, her kindness is so rare these days..she must have a great example in her Mum who's doing a great job in raising her!

    1. Thank you so much, what a kind comment xx

  8. Just such a beautiful post...and a gorgeous little girl. I know she would have felt so special and happy on her day...thanks for sharing her with us xx

  9. A beautiful post Amanda. Grace looks like an angel xx

  10. So gorgeous! Happy 4th birthday to your Grace! I love the Q&A idea for each birthday! I have an almost four year old, and think I might do this for her too. Thank you :) xxxx

    1. Definitely do the interview, it's so sweet comparing answers between the years :)

  11. The little interview idea is fantastic...will do them all one soon I think
    Your Grace is so much more graceful than our Gracie - we're hoping she'll grow into it!!

  12. How lovely, Amanda. Your Grace is a sweet girl. She is lucky to have you as her mommy. Happy birthday, Grace!

  13. Lovely post Amanda, I think her gentle spirit shows strongly in each picture of her.

  14. Lovely post Amanda, what a beautiful girl.x

  15. Owwww of course you will always be her Mummy. What a sweetie x

  16. Oh, Amanda, tears streamed down my facing reading this post. What a divine little creature you have there with your Grace. What a beautiful mama you are. And how lucky you are to have each other. xxxx

    1. Jen, I'm all misty eyed now too after reading your beautiful comment, thank you xx

  17. How gorgeous Amanda!! Happy birthday to your beautiful Grace xxx


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