Sunday, December 22, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

Sophie: Such a happy little soul with her wild mop of curls and beaming smile.  She makes me laugh every single day... if only I could keep her at this cute age forever (minus the tantrums perhaps)

Grace: My precious big girl.  She is very excited about the number of sleeps until Father Christmas comes... such a magical time of year for children.

Joining in with Jodi


  1. Those gorgeous girls have got SO big!
    Merry Christmas to you and your fam my lovely. XX

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Amanda, cherish life through the eyes of your children.

  3. Coy, cute and captivating. Perfect!
    May you all share a beautiful Christmas together Amanda. xxx

  4. These are the most adorable photos of your girls Amanda, just so very cute they both are. Have the very Merriest of days tomorrow with your girls and those you love. Take care my gorgeous friend. xx

  5. They look so full of personality. Xx


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