Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Rhythm Of Our Days: Meatball Wednesdays

Ever since we've been married, I've worn the 'chef's hat' in our household.  I've been the one to menu plan and to cook meals each night (aside from the odd meal out or the occasional take away dish).  And while I haven't minded, (especially now being a stay at home Mum), a few months back, I suggested Paul have a turn in the kitchen.

That meal turned out to be spaghetti and meatballs and ever since, every second or third week, come Wednesday night, I've rostered Paul on to cook.  Knowing I have a night off from making dinner is a wonderful feeling, but even more rewarding is watching our little ones help their Daddy prepare tea.

With aprons tied around waists and chairs to stand on, two girls are eager assistants.  One grates the carrot while one 'beats' the egg. And then, once the mixture is ready, a production line of sorts occurs with Paul shaping the meatballs, Sophie passing them to her big sister and Grace rolling them in flour. Watching this teamwork makes me smile.

Then, while the spaghetti cooks and the meatballs are left to simmer in the sauce, the music is turned up and the dancing begins.  With flour on the floor and endless giggles, there is a disco in our kitchen as the girls and their Daddy twirl around and show off their best moves.

When we finally sit down at the table together, there are always declarations of their dish being 'the best batch ever'.

On our 'meatball Wednesdays' there is always mess and more often than not a squabble between little ones trying to help... but there is always lots of laughter too... and that makes this precious little snippet of family life one I want to tuck away and remember always...

With the hot weather now here, I wanted to record this little snippet of our family life sooner rather than later, as I'm sure all too soon, 
our 'meatball Wednesdays' will evolve into a meal more suitable for this season, most likely  a meal cooked outdoors on the barbecue.


  1. That is so adorable Amanda! I love it when my man cooks too, I dont even complain about having to wash the zilllions of dishes afterwards :)

  2. How wonderful do Meatball Wednesdays sound!?!? This is a precious memory...and one reason why blogging is so great. Documented. Forever. xx

  3. Meatball Wednesday - how adorable. Love the photos you got. Great idea to record that as I'm sure in years to come they will remember those times well. And yay to nights off of cooking!


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