Monday, December 30, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

Sophie: On Christmas Eve as I tucked her in I said, "Father Christmas will be coming here tonight and leaving you some presents." Perhaps it was the thought of a 'stranger' entering our house as she looked at me clearly concerned and exclaimed "Noooo Mummy." The next morning, Santa was in her good books again after she discovered what he'd left for her... the '1001 Things To Spot In The City' book was a definite winner.

Grace: In her 'artistic zone' with the paint set that was at the top of her Christmas wishlist... or to be more accurate, "paints that have a highlighter pink in them".  Santa chose well and Grace was over the moon to find these in her stocking.

Joining in with Jodi

Just like that, we are here at the final portraits of the year.  I am so glad I persisted and now have 52 portraits of each of my girls and a whole series of memories documented.  Next year however, I have decided I won't be joining in every single week but instead, simply here and there when I feel like picking up my camera... 


  1. Great job keeping up with all 52 weeks! I've enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful girls.

    Have a blessed New Year!

  2. How lovely, you should get a book printed out for keeping with your comments included. I love the paints with highlighter pink. Very cute. Merry Christmas to you and your family x


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