Friday, October 24, 2014

An Interview At Mum's Closet

Today I'm being featured over at the blog Mum's Closet, belonging to a good friend and one of my favourite bloggers, Claire. In her 'Fabulous Females' series, Claire interviews a different lady each week about a variety of topics and I must say, I was very humbled when she asked me to participate.

Claire and I became friends around four years ago through our blogs and both being primary school teachers, with children close in age and sharing many similar views on life, we seemed to 'click' right away. She is such a gem and I appreciate her support, admire her passion for celebrating the positive things in our days and am constantly inspired by her style-filled yet down-to earth posts.

Pop on over to Claire's blog here to read what I have to say about motherhood, blogging, decorating and daily life in our home...


  1. Such a beautiful interview with you Amanda. After reading your words I see we have a lot in common, which I knew ;). One day we'll get to sit and have a cup of tea together:) xxx

  2. I couldnt leave a comment on Mums Closet blog so Ive come back to tell you I loved your interview, I always admire how you are so calm and honest about being a Mum xx

  3. Absolutely LOVED having you on the blog Amanda. Thank you so much for participating.
    Love that through blogging we found each other :)_
    C x


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