Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Snippets Of Our Week

Week one of school holidays for us was spent in the country, down south in Denmark. It was such a relaxing week that left me sad (as always) when the time came to head back to the city...

1.  I've often seen female Blue Wrens (the symbol of Denmark) but have only managed to catch glimpses of the showy, blue feathered male... until last Sunday

2.  Grace in a field of dainty flowers (onion weed I think), wearing her 'new' hand-me-down gum boots 

3.  Sweet little seaside daisies appeared everywhere... so very spring-like

4. Sophie absolutely loved the Animal Farm... she was devastated when the time came to leave

5.  Each afternoon while Paul went mountain bike riding, the girls and I would rug up in jackets and boots and explore the 'secret garden' where we were staying... it became a daily ritual and was my most loved part of our time away


  1. Your photos are stunning Amanda. I love seeing recent pics of the girls, they're growing so fast, and so beautifully.
    I owe you an email I know - it's a coming :)
    C x

    1. Thanks Claire! I was so excited when I managed to get a good photo of the sweet little wren. Will look forward to hearing from you xx

  2. Wow what a handsome specimen that blue wren is. That looks like a lovely holiday.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful photos Amanda. I remember when we last visited WA and spent time down at Pemberton with hubby's Dad and saw these beautiful wrens, they are stunning. We have little wrens here too that have blue on them but not as much as your beautiful wrens:) I do love seaside daisies:) xxx

  4. Those are some amazing pictures Amanda, they need to be added to your new family wall! And great shot of the blue wren too, they are so hard to capture! Hope the rest of the school holidays went well. Only 8 weeks now until the nice big holiday break! (I'm not counting at all...)


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