Friday, October 31, 2014

Sophie's 3rd Birthday Party

Last Friday night, while I was at the kitchen bench, surrounded by blue icing, trying to create Sophie's birthday cake, Paul walked past and remarked, "Why are you going to all this trouble for just six kids?"

I muttered something about him being a party pooper, that small simple gatherings were the best ones and that I wasn't going overboard anyway...  I had no reservations whatsoever that what we had planned would turn out perfectly...

Sophie's party was a lovely little celebration of close family and friends. There were decorations which the birthday girl herself helped make, old-style games (a treasure hunt, pass the parcel and musical statues), party bags for the children (Sophie potato stamped a fish design onto each one and helped choose treats like notepads and pens and stickers to fill them with) and of course, cake... crucial elements of a successful birthday party from a little one's perspective.

Come Sunday night, we all in agreed that keeping things low key had been easier to run and much more enjoyable and most importantly, our little three year old definitely loved her special day.

I've never been one for huge, over-the-top parties (and judging by the way Sophie gets overwhelmed by big crowds, I think she will take after her mama).  Less elaborate, more intimate get-togethers, celebrating the one day of the year that is purely about our loved ones, is in my eyes truly what counts...


  1. It sounds like a beautiful birthday party Amanda and that cake looks amazing, very clever:) We are the same here too, only a handful of friends for a birthday party I think it makes for a much calmer and fun time. xx

  2. Well done Mumma. Perfect party.
    LOVE that cake!
    Sophie looks so definitely THREE! How time flies!
    C x

  3. I love that cake!!!
    I like small parties too but the 16 boys absutely adored the loud, noisy shooting games today!!!

  4. Three! How did the time go by so quickly! I have to admit, it's been a while since I visited your blog, Amanda, and I can't get over how big Sophie is and how long her hair has gotten. And those curls are just precious!! Love the fish-shaped birthday cake -- it's perfect. Happy birthday to Sophie!

  5. I still absolutely love that cake Amanda! A party for six sounds like a great number to me, much less prep means it can still be fun rather than stressful for you and really, how many friends can you play with in one short afternoon?

  6. I love the little fishy cute. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  7. That birthday cake is fantastic! Happy Birthday to Sophie! My littlest just turned three too - such a gorgeous age xx

  8. Oh my your baby is growing so fast! Doesn't it just make your heart hurt to see our little ones growing and changing with the speed of light. I love simple parties and your cake was beautiful. We really should try and catch up face to face one day, I am sure our girls would have a ball xx

  9. I love that cake - that must have gone down a storm! What a lovely party :)


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