Friday, June 24, 2011

Nesting Instincts

Image above found via Kelly McCaleb's Tumblr

I was talking with one of my friends recently about how in recent months, I’ve felt an overwhelming desire to get my house organised and orderly (believe me, I have a fair way to go at present). She labelled my feeling as me trying to make everything as perfect as it can be before baby #2 arrives which I guess in a way it is. It’s like I think that if things don’t get done now, they’ll never get done once our baby arrives and my time is even more limited.

Firstly, I am desperate to get our nursery organised. Once Grace’s room is sorted, I will be able to move onto the new baby’s room and set up furniture, go through all of Grace’s old baby clothes and baby gear and get onto the fun part of the actual decorating. However, before any of this can be done, I need to sell our old ensemble base, the pretty bed frame and our old coffee table which are currently taking up space in the spare room. This weekend's task is to move the unnecessary furniture out of this room and list these items on Gumtree.

Next up, I’d love to have a more organised home. I want to sort through our filing cabinet and remove old and unnecessary paperwork. I want anyone to be able to easily locate a document they’re after without having to hunt through file after file. The 'clutter basket' on my bench is once again overflowing so I need to go through it and put everything in its proper place.

I’d also like our cupboards to be sorted. I don’t want to be hanging onto any items we no longer need or want that are taking up precious space. I am by no means a hoarder at all, but I’d still like to have a good sort through. I’ve already started this by going through my wardrobe and giving away a whole bunch of clothes to my sister and to charity. Today’s task is to sort through the linen cupboard. To help me stay on task, I promise to share a photo of this newly organised space once I’m done although I'm not sure how much I'll achieve today as Grace came down with a cold last night and we're all pretty exhausted today... we'll see.

Which organising project are you eager to accomplish on your ‘to do list?


  1. Oh, Lovely. I have been through what you are describing. It is so exhausting living with all that worry about getting everything 'right' and 'done before the baby comes'. I have lived through that. Three times.

    Every time, I have learned to ease up a little on myself. There's only so much precious energy you have to expend with the more children you have. It's a huge journey but worth the walk. I will follow your path with interest. J x

  2. I have piles of things to file and sort out EVERYWHERE! It drives Lyndon nuts. One of the main things is the end of the kuitchen bench which is always covered in papers and the floor of my studio which has boxes to go through and somehow store in the ceiling. I find sorting the most tedious job ever! I never know if I'm supposed to throw out bills once they're paid or not. A couple of weeks ago I decided to tidy the tupperware and cooking tin cupboard. I washed and restacked everything and it took me hours! It did look better at the end thankfully. Now if I could only keep it that way.
    I hope Grace's sniffle doesn't turn into much and that you have a lovely weekend :)

  3. That sounds like a plan! You'll feel great when it's all done too... it's just a matter of getting it done! Our vegetable garden is high on our list. I've just come back inside with plans spinning around in my head. It's a case of so much space and how to fill it. Dilemma, I know! Enjoy your day Amanda... gxo

  4. only gets worse. I have a list of about 1000 things i still want to do, down to sorting out my airing cupboard! and i only have a week left. Mr C. would tell me to calm down but i know he is making the most of it as it is the only time the house gets a proper organisation when i'm nesting! ha.

    I have painted so much in the past few months too...think it becomes addictive!

  5. oh sweetness, I know that feeling. My 'MUST SORT OUT NOW' list is ever growing. I remember when I actually sorted the kitchen drawers - it took me nearly 2 whole days. I was so so so proud. But recently, I have realised it needs doing again. I can't find anything. I can't reach the back of the pantry, you know the drill! I realised - with shock - that my ohsoproudofitcleanout was in November 2009!!!!!!!! Oh, how time flies when you have babies. So yes, do what you can now. But be kind to yourself. Don't be your own harshest judge. Do what's necessary. And enjoy it where you can xx

  6. I love the nesting period...and lets face it..we are always kind of nesting arent we? we are natural home makers. I love the rush of energy that comes with it..and then you sleep for days
    You know that you will get it all done..and that everything will be perfect sweety...try not to place too much pressure on long as you have the essentials ..the rest will fall into place. Sending big hugs x

  7. My goal is to constantly have an organized house! Right now I really need some help organizing all of our linens and towels. We have terrible closets in our place now, so I need a plan B for neat storage!

  8. Sounds like definite nesting :) I'm suffering it too! I love nesting though....expecting a new baby is the best motivation to get things in order! I attacked our pantry a month ago. Our pantry is quite big {a whole wall} so I got in a bad habit of 'hiding' everything in there! It was a mammoth job to clean it out & re-organise but it was worth it. I can now find everything, everything is labeled & I have a storage system now :) {sounds OTT I know haaa}
    We are turning our spare room/home office into bub's room too so I am looking forward to attacking that room over the next few weeks :) We can motivate each other along :)

  9. I've been through the nesting too! Just reading about it makes me want to do a spring clean and a redecorate...

  10. Having had two children 18 months apart, I can definitely recommend being as organised as possible before baby no. 2! I am trying to get the whole house organised..still..I think I do about one big organisational job every month! Slow.. Good luck with yours, I'm looking forward to seeing your linen cupboard. I might post ours soon too. Rachaelxx

  11. I can completely relate, and can only imagine how much more the desire to organize + nest becomes once you have kids. The dreaded filing cabinet has always been an issue for us and at the beginning of the year I finally started sorting through it all. Good luck with everything!

  12. I completely relate to the filing cabinet. Mine is either totally under-utilised with lots of papers to be filed, or just relegated on the list of the things we NEED to do.
    I'm almost disappointed in myself as the purchase of the filing cabinet was made with confidence of getting life in order; yet that only happens in fits and bursts.
    Good luck with your organisational endeavours. They certainly lift a weight off your shoulders when done, I find. x


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