Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shades Of White

You know how when you write a word over and over and then you start to look at it in a strange way and wonder whether you’re actually spelling it correctly because you’ve seen it so many times? That’s a bit how I feel today with the colour white.

After five quotes, we’ve finally decided which company to go with for our blinds in the children’s bedrooms, study and laundry. The company we’re happiest with seems to have better quality fabrics (they apparently have a higher thread count) and they come with a five year warranty. In saying that however, choosing between two different shades of ‘white’ is making our final decision a bit difficult.

I’ve moved the samples from room to room and tried them in different lights but everywhere I look, the whites in our home are so varied, which is something I’d never noticed before. Our walls are not pure white, they are more of an antique white with a slight stony touch. Our skirting boards are pretty much a true white and are different once again to our doors and trims (although Paul tells me when he has holidays next, he’s planning on painting these more like our skirtings). Our Ikea kitchen cupboards appear to be more of an antique white, Grace’s bedroom furniture a bright white and the white picture frames around the house have more of an antique shade to them. Who knew whites could be so varied?

At the moment, I’m thinking of going with the more antique white textured blind fabric which will blend in best with the walls. I don’t want our blinds to be a feature but rather a continuation of the wall colour so I think I’m on the right track. In any case, the other sample has a slight lurex thread through it which I’m not overly keen on and I’m sure this would bug me on a larger scale piece of this fabric.

Hope you're all having a terrific Thursday. I'm off to look at those samples for one last time...


  1. Oh I know what you mean about all the "different" whites out there Amanda. Our doors are a different colour to the skirting boards etc...and they're painted in the same colour from the same tin! Not sure why one discoulred and yellowed a litle and the other didn't.
    Very annoying.
    I had a similar dilemna with our new wardrobe doors when they were going to be "two-packed" I was asked which white? White. I want plain white...they didn't get it and I still had to give them a colour code.

  2. Whites can do your head in can't they! You get the white swatch book and you're like.... they're all white??? I think your choice of the Antique to tie into the wall colour is a good idea. I can't wait to see pics when they are up! Exciting!

    P.s. I'm going to try and email you tomorrow when I get some quiet time :)

  3. Ahhh the dilemma of white. There are so many variations! It is this reason I chose one shade and had ceiling paint, wall paint and gloss for doors and trims all tinted to the same shade.

    Good luck choosing :)

  4. Love this post Amanda! I have agonized over similar decisions recently and I haven't even got to interior wall colours or blinds yet, aaaargh! x

  5. Hi Amanda, I feel your pain with the white - i plan on painting our new house white and i'm not looking forward to the color choice! In my last house i matched the blinds to our wall color and it blended really well, i think your on the right track! Cant wait for some pics.. Melissa

  6. Oh it's tricky isn't it. You don't realise how many different shades of white there are until you have to make a choice. Well it's good news you've chosen a company though. Goodluck with choosing the colour:) xo

  7. HI lovely!
    I completely agree - the h2b always says its just white!! But is so isnt!
    Rachie xo
    PS: Come over and look at my giveaway today! xx

  8. Hi amanda, i used to find whites so difficult.. But my favourite at the moment is the Dulux vivid white which i read in an interview of Anna spiro that she uses that one. I love it as its like a very true white and never seems too clinical or cold, but is also never yellowy. Still need to get the door frames and skirting boards done too though! Glad that you are happy with your choice., I bet they will look stunning! Hope all is well with baby and grace. havent been visiting everyone this past couple of weeks after having a few dramas at home! Enjoying catching up with you!
    Laura xx

  9. White can be so many shades. But i really hate it when you order white furniture and it turns up cream. ANNOYING! Still i think any shade of actual white you get will be ok. In fact lots of different white can actually look quite nice and eclectic, even though its a room of white!

    Tracey x

  10. Oh yay how exciting getting your new blinds! Once you start looking you really notice the different shades of white dont you lol. I'm sure they will look fabulous can't wait to see them :)

  11. We like Dulux vivid white too. How are we meant to choose between warm whites and cool whites?


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