Saturday, June 11, 2011

On The Hunt For...

For the past two weeks I've had intentions of visiting the local Sunday morning swap meet but things have popped up that have stopped me from going. Fingers crossed I can go for a browse tomorrow (if I can work up the motivation to head outdoors in the chilly morning weather). Paul has had a big day today so I'm sure if I sneak out with Grace, he'll appreciate the sleep in. There are a few things I’m on the hunt for at the moment, certain pieces to add touches of character to our place and to help create that homely feel. Here's some examples of treasures I'd love to find...

One thing I'd love to get for Grace's room is a little open shelf display similar to the one above. Young children always collect bits and pieces and I'd love something to be able to display all Grace's little trinkets and treasures on and where she could change little collections around as she pleases.

Next on my radar are some little glass bottles to use as vases. I often save old jars for this purpose but something cute like the bottle above would be lovely to put a single bloom in. I like to have small arrangements like this dotted in different spots around the house or on the table when I am entertaining.

A few weeks ago, Grace snuck into our pantry and broke my salt shaker. It was never really my style anyway so I wasn't overly fussed and now I have the excuse to look for some cute salt and pepper shakers. Mum has some tiny ones from my grandparent's house which I love. Hopefully I can find something similar one day.

Last up, I'm looking for old, decorative picture frames which I will possibly paint white. I love the detail in the one above and the way it is still a simple design.

Sometime in the next few months, we're planning a little holiday down south where I'm looking forward to browsing in the various country town antique shops so if I don't find something at the markets, fingers crossed they can be found on other travels.

What treasures do you mainly hunt for at second hand stores or flea markets?

If you wish to purchase any of the items above, you can visit their Etsy stores:


  1. I don't have the patience to trawl so rarely visit a vintage store or flea market but I am always envious of other people's treasure finds.

  2. What cute salt shakers. Hmm, I never really know what I'm looking for. I bought a couple of bargain vintage bits the other day, one at the tip shop - it's alwas so tempting. Must photograph and post them :)
    Hopefully you get off to the market tomorrow to have a scrounge xx

  3. I actually need some pretty salt and pepper shakers too. We've got our kitchen ones but when the table is laid out nicely they really don't fit.
    I don't usually have anything in mind when i'm treasure hunting at markets I just wait to spot a 'oh my goodness how cool is this' or 'wow this is so beautiful I've just got to get it' or 'what it's only ___, ok it's a sign, I've got to have it' hehehehe. Good luck with your search tomorrow and I hope it's not too chilly tomorrow morning.
    Big Hugs, Jxx

  4. Fingers crossed you find some treasures...I'm usually drawn to vintage kichenalia, like 1950s canisters and bone handled knives...I'd love to find an old trivet as I'm just using a thick cloth napkin for my tea pot at the moment!

  5. Gorgeous wish list! Good luck finding everything! x

  6. Amanda, you can find those small clear bottles at th supermarket. I have some exactly the same and got them there with a fruit nectar/juice in them

    They could be in the drinks section or near where they have the special international stuff. I got mine at Woolies. They come in a pack of 6 for a few dollars.
    Hope that helps you solve one item on your wishlist

  7. Good thinking Lesley - thanks for reminding me about those cute bottles, I remember seeing on someone's blog that they'd displayed some flowers in them. Will have a look on grocery shopping day.

  8. Nice wish list. Now I just feel the need to turn that horse shoe up the other way to keep the good luck in.

  9. These pieces are gorgeous! Good luck hunting! Have a beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

  10. I hope you got to go to the market Amanda and had some success! I have those little glass bottles from the fruit nectar, the best $3 you can spend : ) i had some success this weekend I found a milk bottle carrier with all the red rubber coating in perfect condition, I also saw some really sweet Scotty dog bookends that are a little expensive but I'm thinking about them. definitely post your finds. Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. Deb - I was thinking the same thinkg :) I actually found a horse shoe at the markets yesterday but mine is standing up the other way.

  12. I hope you had some luck yesterday searching through the markets, you have a lovely list of things to find. When I go looking I'm usually on the look out for vintage fabric, Holly Hobbie, but haven't had any luck yet but I'll keep looking. I hope you had a great weekend xo


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