Monday, June 20, 2011

A Happy Week

Although Grace and I did nothing overly exciting, last week was a really good week and my happy mood has extended into this one too. Here’s an assortment of things that have been making me smile and some things I'm looking forward to…

… the two bunches of flowers Grace and I bought this morning from the Beaufort Street flower sellers. We went for a drive north of the river to buy a cushion from Domayne and made a detour to buy a cheap bunch on the way home. They add a touch of colour around the house and make me smile when I walk past them.

… our Rinnai flame effect gas heater (in the background of the above photo). Last year, we spent the majority of winter without a heater when our very old one died. Getting a new one wasn’t all that straightforward but thankfully this year, ours has been working a treat. It’s so lovely having the 'flames' glowing away at night.

... our beautiful bright pink camellia which is flowering in our backyard (although most of the pretty blooms fell to the ground in last week’s heavy rain). The photo above is the view I see from our kitchen windows each time I look out (if only those hideous palm trees weren't in the yard next door!) It’s so nice to have colour in the garden. Even the fallen petals on the ground are pretty.

…having a hair appointment on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to a bit of 'me' time, relaxing at the hair dressers with some magazines and a cup of tea and coming out feeling great. I love my wavy hair but I always get my hair straightened for something different when I go to the hair dressers.

… finally finding the perfect fabrics for the quilt I’m making Grace. I've decided not to go with pastel colours after all, but am using more vibrant, pretty prints. After much hunting, I stumbled across some great material at a few local quilting stores and Spotlight, along with some gorgeous pieces I’ve ordered from Etsy. Can’t wait for those packages to arrive and can’t wait to get stuck into sewing!

… being given a huge box of hand me down clothes for Grace from Paul’s cousin whose little girls had outgrown them. Grace thought it was Christmas and has been ‘playing dress ups’ all week as I slowly sort through what fits and what doesn’t. I used to be so excited as a little girl when my cousin passed her old clothes down to me.

…my growing baby bump. The picture above is the blurriest shot ever but at least it shows you my belly (it’s very hard to take a photo of yourself I’ve discovered!!). At 23 weeks, I’m getting lots of prods these days and I love lying in bed at night feeling our baby kicking away. The fact that we’ve only got 17 weeks left is a bit scary though!!

... curling up on the couch tonight with my cuppa in hand and a piece or two of the chocolate fudge I made purely as an indulgent treat for myself. I'm looking forward to watching Katrina on The Block and then flicking through the latest Real Living magazine.

I hope you all have a happy week ahead too. What are you looking forward to?


  1. Yay, a pic of your baby bump! And its such a cute pic of the two of you, even if it is blury. I've been meaning to ask you how your new heater is going, must be so lovely! And those fabrics are gorgeous! The sort of colours and patterns that wont date and wont look too 'young' when Gracie is older! I had a look at some beds for Will today and my head was spinning a bit and I was thinking of you :) Ek, can u believe our babies are so grown up!
    So glad you are enjoying your week, this week is off to a good start for me too which is good.
    I cant wait to watch the block tonight too, will be so funny seeing Katrina.
    Enjoy my dear,

  2. If I had made chocolate fudge, I'd be looking forward to that - YUM!
    Lovely post, those fabrics for the quilt are gorgeous - look forward to seeing photos of the finished article.
    This week, I'm looking forward to:
    - going to my design course class and having lunch with classmates after
    - and more preparation for long-awaited trip back to Scotland to see family!

  3. Look at your bump! Looking great Amanda! I just can't picture you with straight hair - I'd love to see what it looks like.
    Your camelia is stunning, it's so big and happy. Mine are either tiny or very stragly.
    I'm looking forward to the block too! I'm about to cook us a chocky pudding with thick cream as a treat to eat in front of the tv.
    Thanks for your lovely comment about my cards - I'm so pleased you like them x

  4. Look at you, you gorgeous thing. Glad all is good over your way! A-M xx

  5. Your home is looking lovely its so good to hear you happy :) I too have a date with The Block and the latest issue of Real Living tonight!

  6. That is the cutest baby bump are is your little Gracey...gorgeous girls! Enjoy that fudge..every little deserve it honey..will be glued to the flick tonight too...not long to go now! ; ) x

  7. Just gorgeous, Amanda. You seem so serene. I'm delighted for you. J x

  8. Hmm, a cosy fire and home made fudge! Yum! And... how good do you look! xx

  9. you look gorgeous!!,loving the fire place just looks so cosy and glad you had a great week so far..enjoy the fudge and have one for me too;) xx

  10. Amanda all of your photos are gorgeous especially the photo of you and Grace. Your belly is certainly growing and hopefully keeping you warm too:) This week I am looking forward to my Little Miss finishing her last week of school and being on holidays, yeah! Have wonderful week lovely.xo

  11. What lovely photos Amanda, I'm also off to the hairdresser on Wednesday, enjoy your week.x

  12. There is something about having a flame fire in your lounge room, my mum has a gas flame heater and I love it. We light our open fire at least one a fortnight and the kids love it. Can't wait to see your quilt coming along. I really love the yellow with the others. x

  13. You look so lovely Amanda and Grace is so gorgeous! I am so glad that you are feeling better and that your really enjoying life at the moment. xx

  14. Amanda, your bump is looking gorgeous! I wish I could say the 16kg weight gain is already taking it's toll on my back...ouch!
    And I love Gracie's gorgeous cheeky smile in the last photo!

  15. You look liking your house shots, lovely :)
    Claudia xo

  16. Amanda, look at you - beautiful pregnant mumma - and Gracies cheeky smile is just divine. Thanks for your lovely comment too - looks like we will be swapping sleep deprivation stories at the same time!

    Take care


  17. Aw a peek at the bump! Lovely!

    Ps. Am loving The Block spoilt are we that it's on 4 nights in a row this week?!

  18. You look so gorgeous Amanda. I loved this post, you have such a wonderful appreciation of the beautiful little things in life. Rachaelxx

  19. Yay for a good week and a bump pic! Am planning to post one soon too. Can't wait to feel all those little prods. Though I spose it will happen soon enough and I'll be all -- 'settle down in there and let me sleep' ;)


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